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Thursday, June 19, 2014

A summer guide to microbreweries


With the official start to summer just days away, many of us are getting ready for road trips to our favorite places. For beer lovers, we’ve pulled together a guide to more than 150 of the top microbreweries from Pinners around the country, to inspire you take your own adventure - near or far!

From Russian River Brewing Company in California to Keg Creek Brewery in Iowa to Atlantic Brewing Company in Maine, people are showing their love for local and distinct brews by creating brewery Place Boards. Saving your favorites to your own board can help you plan to hit the road for a tasting tour. What other way can you learn firsthand how beer like Salt Lick Pecan Wood Smoked Saison, Stump Knocker Pale Ale, Rondy Brew, and YAHHHRRRGGG! got their names?

For more inspiration, check out Place Boards from Pinners for areas such as Oregon, Denver, Louisville, Michigan, and New Hampshire.

Based on Pinner favorites, microbrew options are so plentiful, you can plan a trip across many regions in the U.S. Whether you’re looking to find the perfect beer, eager to see if an anticipated brew like Pliny the Younger lives up to its hype, or just itching to find the specialized seasonal beers across regions, these Pins will have all your beer bases covered.

What are we missing? Sound off in the comments!

—Malorie Lucich, Communications Manager, Currently pinning to Bay Area Beer Tour

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Jon Rogers: Soccer enthusiast & graphic designer


At 23, Jon Rogers was heading in the direction of playing professional soccer until a series of injuries put him on the sidelines. But that didn’t stop his love for the game. He picked up design as a hobby, and as an experiment, began connecting his art and passion together. Little did he know that after putting his work online, his designs were being Pinned all over the world. Jon’s art caught our eyes here at Pinterest HQ, which led to our recent collaboration with him for our Places to watch the World Cup campaign. Watch our interview with Jon and see how he’s been able to join forces with artists and soccer fans all around the world.

How did you get involved with Places to watch the World Cup?

Soccer is my passion and I’m a full time soccer coach. I design in my spare time and early last December, I decided to start a personal World Cup project based on each country’s most loved player. I didn’t think too much of it and put them up on my portfolio. But a short time after placing it on my website, I was contacted out of the blue by Ben C. at Pinterest to see if I may be interested in collaborating on the Best places to watch the World Cup campaign. He told me he had stumbled upon my designs on Pinterest while searching for inspiration. I had no idea my images were even up there as Pins.

Can you walk us through your design process when coming up with the various boards covers for each country in the campaign?

We had a few initial ideas that were good but just didn’t feel right. I’d been thinking about a way to encapsulate the idea of places and blending that with the aesthetic of the World Cup Posters I’d done. FIFA follows a 3 letter country code system, not unlike airport codes. When I had that insight, it was a matter of applying the concept of baggage tags to each participating country. From there, we worked mostly on the details - colors, location of elements, etc.

How has this campaign helped you reach different communities on Pinterest, either for soccer, design and beyond?

It’s quite amazing actually. When Ben first contacted me to work on this project, I had no idea my designs were working their way around the world through and though I knew what Pinterest was and how it worked, had not engaged with it myself. The real purpose in creating the World Cup poster series was to reach out and seek a connection with the world of soccer and design and that was accomplished far beyond my dreams and mainly because of Pinterest and their global reach. Last I heard, my designs were being traded around in 80 countries. That’s just amazing to me. Hard to believe.

Follow Jon Rogers’s board Arsenal on Pinterest.

What’s next for you?

Because of my exposure on Pinterest, I’ve had a number of requests for commissions, most notably for The Guardian UK and their coverage of the World Cup. I’ve been busy for the past few months and expect to stay that way!

Thanks Jon for bringing us into your soccer and design world. If you want to see what Jon is designing next, check out his website and Pinterest boards!

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Pin Picks: Five camping hacks to try this summer


Camping is trending on Pinterest and it seems like a lot of you are looking for ways to unplug and take in some fresh air in the outdoors.

Not an outdoor expert? Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an avid camper or an intense thrill seeker to ease into the outdoors. For this week’s Pin Picks—and with a little help from Pinners—we discover 5 camping hacks to make your trip a great success.

The Ringleader - Don’t panic if you’ve been crowned the camp commander of your group. Our friends at REI show us how to organize and prep last-minute materials to lead your group to camping success.

Follow REI’s board The Ringleader on Pinterest.

Wilderness prep - Chances are you won’t have wifi deep in the wilderness. If you’re really looking to disconnect, Erik Phelps breaks down a few simple camping hacks that’ll prep you for nature—without the help of any apps.

Follow Erik Phelps’s board Camping Hacks & Tips on Pinterest.

The survival checklist - If you’re trying to keep track of all of your camping inventory or supplies, Cassie Kifer shares tips on how to keep tabs on gear and have fun at the same time.

Follow Cassie Kifer’s board Camping Tips on Pinterest.

Hunt free zone - Leave the rifle and hunting licenses at home. The foodies at REI show us how to prep for meals with culinary hacks and become the top chef of the campfire.

Follow REI’s board The Chef on Pinterest.

Creative campers - Get the s’mores ready! Jeff Parker Cook shares ways to set up camp and tailgate the right way with vintage campers and creative tent setups.

Follow Jeff Parker Cooks’s board Camping & Tailgating on Pinterest.

Let us know how you’re gearing up for a camping trip this summer via the comments below. If you need more inspiration, keep browsing Pinterest for more ways to keep focused with your fitness routine. And of course, tune in next week for more Pin Picks.

—Pari Mathur, Content Guru, Currently pinning to Chicken Coup

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Where to watch the World Cup


The biggest sporting event in the world kicked off today in Brazil, and Pinterest has been buzzing these past few weeks with all the best Places to watch the World Cup around the globe.

Last month, we asked our community to share their favorite places to catch a match. You can find them in our viewing guide or at a local spot near you. Over 350 restaurants, bars and pubs in the US are getting decals this week to show the world they’re a Pinner-approved place to cheer on the games.

If your business is tuning in to the World Cup, we’d love to share a decal with you too! Send us a request and we’ll mail you one from Pinterest HQ.

—Annie Katrina Lee, Marketing Manager, Currently pinning to Watch World Cup: USA

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

#Pinspiration Chat: Summer activities with Zina


School is out and long summer days are upon us. We’ve teamed up with blogger and mom, Zina Harrington of Let’s Lasso the Moon, to bring you fun activities for keeping the family entertained this season.

This week’s theme is all about summer activities and we want to hear all about how you’re planning on keeping the kids active this break. Tweet us your summer activity #Pinspiration tips to @Pinterest and @LassoMoonLight this Friday, June 13th, between 10-11am PST.

We’ll be talking about summer bucket lists, science projects, biking adventures, and other ideas on how to stay busy with the little ones. We got a chance to chat with Zina on how she thinks about planning projects for her own family:


Hi, Zina! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what inspired you to start your website, Let’s Lasso the Moon

Hi, Guys! I’m so flattered to be here with you today. Pinterest has had a huge impact on how I blog. I love the collective visual beauty and sense of community that Pinterest allows me to foster in my work.

A couple of years ago, my mentor Patti Filak inspired me with her belief that children reflect their parents like the moon reflects the sun. I started Let’s Lasso the Moon as a place to explore being the kind of person we want our children to reflect. I share simple ways for families to connect, to support one another, and to keep the passion for life-long learning alive.

My general motto has become, "I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious." That curiosity and zest for life is precisely what I hope to inspire in my own children. I’m a freelance writer, graphic designer, and all-around “tech dork.” I’m entranced by the fine art of digital photography. I take piano lessons with my girls — I’ve played Clair De Lune about 184 times (and I find that I fall in love with it more each time I play it). I love to travel and go on adventures with the kids. And if you make a “Xena the Warrior Princess” joke upon our introduction, I promise to still be polite and smile…

Got any tips and tricks to share for planning kids’ activities? What will you be doing outdoors with your kids this summer?

Sometimes switching from a daily schedule to the openness of summer vacation can be challenging for kids (and parents!). This summer, consider having an ongoing weekly schedule; for example, make Monday: Library Day, Tuesday: Art Day, Wednesday: Outdoor Adventure Day, Thursday: Recipe Day, and Friday: Educational Fun Day. I have a good friend who even writes out the weekly schedule on their family chalkboard to help her kids know what to expect. Be sure to pick general categories to give yourself a lot of leeway. Then HAVE FUN creating Pinterest boards for each of your daily themes, so you’re never caught off guard.

I highly recommend that you pick ONE project or activity and prep the night before. I’m a firm believer in setting up Play Prompts. In other words, get all the components for an activity or craft ready, then let your child roll with it. Offer them space to be creative and get playful! (This also allows parents to find a little free time for themselves in a day, too.) If you need inspiration to get your own Pinterest boards started, I’ve been stockpiling everyday kids projects from a few of my favorite bloggers.

It was a long, cold winter in the Midwest this year, so we can’t wait to get out into the sunshine! This summer, we’ll be tending our sunflower house, eating ice-cream in the pool, exploring nature, and taking long family biking rides. So many ideas, and so little time! Rainbow bubble snakes are also a MUST-TRY experiment for us this year, giant backyard Jenga is on our family To-Do list, and we’ll definitely be making Rolo S’mores with the kids while on vacation this summer.

We love all the fun and creative ideas you’ve found on Pinterest. How do you use Pinterest for your day-to-day inspiration?

Parenting is a joyful — and draining — endeavor. At the end of the night, Pinterest is my go-to place to RELAX. I love to wander around the boards and soak up all the amazing ideas: photography tips, family recipes, DIY décor, kids’ activities… and Oh, the wanderlust! The Related Pins section is where “the magic happens” for me. I get positively whisked away by the wealth of creative ideas shared. It’s my favorite way to refresh my feed and to find new people to follow.

Over the last few years, Pinterest has allowed me to befriend parents, teachers, and bloggers from around the world. I’m constantly inspired by the art projects being shared by the collaborators on Growing Creative Kids boards and this fabulous go-to resource for Kids’ Activities. The creative energy from these communities inspires me to find simple ways to make ordinary family life into daily adventures. Every day, Pinterest peaks my curiosity and inspires me — it makes me a happier mom and a stronger professional blogger.

Thanks for the summer activities tips and tricks, Zina! Don’t forget to join us on Twitter this Friday and share your summer activity #Pinspiration with Zina and the Pinterest team. Also, be sure to check out her website and Pinterest boards for more inspiration. See you Friday!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Guided Search hits the web!


A few months ago we introduced Guided Search on mobile to help you make discoveries and find things you didn’t even know you were looking for—your next road trip, backyard idea, BBQ recipe, anything! This week, Guided Search is rolling out on the web just in time for summer exploring.

Visual guides help you along

Now when you search for something, descriptive guides will help you sift through all the good ideas from other Pinners. Scroll through the guides and click any that look interesting to steer your search in the right direction. You might be surprised where you end up!

Find things more easily

Along with the visual guides, you’ll notice that the search bar is now front and center for speedier finds. We also made it easier to filter your search by Pins, boards or other Pinners who you might be looking for.

Guided Search will be available in English to everyone over the next few weeks, with more languages coming. Stay tuned for more updates!

—Yuliang Yin, Software Engineer, Currently pinning to San Francisco

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Chris Ahrendt: Steampunk designer & artist


As a sci-fi fan and Civil War reenactor, Chris Ahrendt started making his own costumes. Then, his son introduced him to the world of steampunk. This opened the doors for a new direction of creativity, allowing Chris to produce a new genre of artwork consisting of gizmos, gadgets and cosplay. See how Chris keeps the steampunk culture alive by connecting with the community on Pinterest, while using Pins to find inspiration for his next design.

Hi Chris, can you give us a quick background on yourself and how you got into steampunk?

I started off doing Civil War (and other era) reenacting. Some of the time-periods I participate in need to have items custom made, so the choices were to either make it myself or find someone to custom make it for you.

I had been reading sci-fi and discovered steampunk as a literary genre but did not know there was more. My son introduced me to the cosplay aspect. Again, it was easier to design and make it myself, and I’ve been producing steampunk items for over 5 years now.

We caught your steampunk inspired boards about art, comics, fashion and beyond. Can you describe steampunk history and what it means to you today?

Steampunk as a genre really took off after the phrase was coined in the 80’s. But the genre has been around since the writings of HG Wells and Verne. Today, for me, it’s a chance to take the best aspects of a time and add the idea of technology to take to a completely new and different direction. Each item I create, or items other steampunk makers create, have a uniqueness all on its own. It’s a work of art.


Your steampunk clothes and masks and headgear boards gave us a peek into past and modern steampunk culture. How do you use Pinterest to keep steampunk culture alive?

I use multiple sources to find what I categorize, but mainly Pinterest. It allows me to follow my interests the way I want to. As I find the items which interest me, I catalog them into their appropriate boards. I use Pinterest to collect ideas and inspiration on projects. It might be something as simple as a part on a costume or a full instruction on how to use pepakura to make a mask I may use for one of my cosplay outfits.

The way I use pinterest for business is to use it to get my name out in the community and to show what myself and others create. I then sell my work via word of mouth.

How do you use Pinterest to design your steampunk items? What are you designing next?

I like creating gadgets, like gizmo’s and weapons. To make an item, I usually go through my scrap piles or make a trip to a thrift store/ flea market and find some pieces that inspire me. Or I begin with a picture on Pinterest of an item I really like and would like to have as my own a similar item. Then I go looking for the parts. Once I have the base creat,ed I then embellish with lights and so forth.

My current project is a steampunk communications console. This item will emit smoke signals and morse code via lights or a terminal.

Steampunk culture seems to be gaining a lot of attention, as seen on your celebrities board. Where do you see steampunk culture going now with big social events around the country?

I see it continuing along the course its going but with many sub-genre’s depending upon the geo-location. I am also seeing more of an expansion on multi-cultural aspects at big social events like Dragon Con and Comic Con. I see it growing and evolving.


Any advice for someone looking to get into steampunk culture?

My first piece of advice is that its not expensive and you can get into the genre with $40 or less. There is no right way or wrong way to do steampunk. If you want to combine an interest in star wars with an interest in steampunk, there is nothing preventing that. Use your imagination…let it go wild…

Thanks Chris for bringing us into the steampunk world. If you want to see what Chris is designing next, visit his Pinterest boards!

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Friday, June 6, 2014

Pin Picks: Keep up with your fitness goals


It’s time to hang up the jackets—the first day of summer is right around the corner. With warmer days approaching, fitness goals are trending on Pinterest and it seems a lot of you are looking to keep motivated and on-track to stay in shape this season.

So for this week’s Pin Picks—and with a little help from our Pinners—we show you 5 ways to keep up with your fitness goals.

Log it:
If you’re looking to set a rhythm to your routine, Jade Martinez shares a tip on how to keep a journal for your exercises. Logging your workouts can help you stay consistent, accountable and on-schedule.

Slow-day strategy:
James Henley shows us that it’s possible to keep the blood pumping and calories burning with quick indoor workouts even if you decide to skip the gym.

Up and alert:
Feeling tired or lazy? Suchitra Malvankar shares tips on staying focused and active towards an active lifestyle.

Sound the alarm:
if waking up and getting out of your warm bed is the main culprit, Ashleigh Looper shows us alarm clocks guaranteed to get you out of the covers. This flying helicopter launches a propeller into the room, and won’t shut off until you get out of bed.

Treat yo’self:
According to Jennifer Fisher, the best way to keep getting to through a post workout is to keep treating yourself with little victories. Next time you hit the finish line, try a healthy treat like this light blueberry frozen yogurt.

Tell us how you’re planning on staying on track with your fitness goals via the comments below. If you need more inspiration, keep browsing Pinterest for more ways to keep focused with your fitness routine. And of course, tune in next week for more Pin Picks.

—Pari Mathur, Content Guru, Currently pinning to Chicken Coup

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pin Tip: How to Pin things you find around the web


You can always Pin anything you find on Pinterest, but did you know you can also save things from around the web? All your browser needs is a Pin It button!

Collect recipes to try. Browse your favorite food blogs and Pin whatever looks good.

Save articles for later. Pin any juicy headline you see to read at your leisure.

Weigh your options. Shopping for a couch? Pin all your ideas before you commit.

Whenever you spot something interesting out on the web, just click your new Pin It button and…pow! You’ve got a visual bookmark that links right back to the site it came from.

On your computer? Grab the Pin It button for your browser. On your phone? Here’s how you Pin on the go.

—Evany Thomas, Content Strategist, Currently pinning to Would you look at that!

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Diane Keaton: Actress and home decor enthusiast


Diane Keaton’s love of art and design began at an early age while crafting and scrapbooking alongside her mother. Today, with an accomplished acting and filmmaking career, she’s also turned her attention to sharing candid and intimate moments about beauty, aging and the importance of staying true to yourself with her new book, Let’s Just Say It Wasn’t Pretty. See how Diane continues to shares her vision, style, and flair—as well as design her new dream home—all thanks to Pinterest!

Hi Diane. How did you find your passion in the arts?

My mother was a crafts nut. You have to try to imagine the 50’s, and with it, Sunset Magazine, a kind of early “Martha Stewart Living” publication with breezy suggestions on how to create the perfect California/Cliff May lifestyle. Mom made mosaic tile tables. She sewed the living room curtains out of yardage she found at the Goodwill Thrift Store. She created separate scrap books for all four of her kids on a yearly basis, as well as a variety of shell boards she hammered into the walls. Then came the collage. When Mom began collage-ing trash cans, pencil boxes and book covers, we all joined in. I was 15 when I collaged my entire bedroom wall in black and white photographs I’d cut out from Vogue Magazine. Later I became an early tear sheet fanatic. This is why Pinterest has been such a home run for me. Pinterest provides more photographic “fixes” (I am an addict) than anywhere else on earth!

If you asked me where I’d like to take my next vacation. It’s easy. Book me two weeks in a dark room with my computer, next to my Ipad, with my Iphone resting on top.


You’ve probably come across a variety of words on a page and new ideas in conversation. What gets you excited when you read a script or hear about an original concept for the first time?

Like most women, I’m moved by human interest stories. Stories with strong psychological conflict and stunning image driven content. I love romantic comedies with a great look. Let’s take Nancy Meyers’ film, “Something’s Gotta Give.” It’s been ten years since it was released, and women still come up to me Ooohing and Aaahing over the kitchen in “that movie you made with Jack Nicholson”. They don’t always remember the name of the film but they ALWAYS remember the kitchen.

We caught your After a Fashion, Factory Floor, and Home Library boards. Can you give us an insider look about your inspiration behind these boards?

Most of my boards were chosen because of my current obsession with building a new house. The dream house. My first board was “Curb Appeal”, the next was “Last House On The Left”. Both quickly became occupied with captivating exteriors. At least for me. From there I went on to cover interiors with titles like "Sleep Tight", “Tack Room Tactics”, and “Breakfast of Champions.” At “bloglovin.com" I found an industrial kitchen with great lighting. On "Desire to Inspire’s" Country Farmhouse I saw a Kitchen bigger than most living rooms. Wanting more detail, I pinned things from "Emmas.blogg.se" where I couldn’t help choose the hanging wood Chopping Blocks on a perfect white brick wall. It’s an endlessly engaging endeavor.

Follow Diane Keaton’s board Last House On The Left on Pinterest.

What do you want people to experience when they stumble upon your board that has a variety of eclectic and stylized pins, like Picture Universe? Why the Black and White motif?

I’m not thinking about what people experience when they see my boards. I’m not thinking about what they want. I’m thinking about what I want. Everyday millions of people share their insights, their vision, their flair, and their longings on Pinterest. Just this morning I found myself on Louise Bilodeau’s profile. Inside her “restaurant/bar" board I pinned "Pizza With No name in Revkjavik, Iceland” to my “Breakfast Of Champions" board. Who is Louise Bilodeau? Where does she live? Is she French? I’ll never know, but one thing I do know…Louise has given me a Pizza place I love, and that’s enough for me.

You ask why black and white? Because color can be too demanding. Let’s just say, a little goes a long way, especially in a house. Take the great Latin American Architect Ricardo Legorreta, who used bright yellows and reds and blues to frame his spaces. From my vantage point color should never overwhelm or distract from the primary color in a home, and that is the color of the people inside. People get lost when framed by too much vibrant color. Do you like how you look set against a bright pink and purple wall? Just asking.

Follow Diane Keaton’s board Breakfast Of Champions on Pinterest.

Have you used Pinterest to prep for any roles in front or behind the camera?

I have not had the opportunity but I know several director friends who’ve used it as an inspirational story board. It’s a perfect tool on many fronts.

When and if I take on another directing job there’s no question I will be using Pinterest. Why wouldn’t I? As I mentioned, one of Pinterest’s recent gifts has been to help me map out examples of what I want my dream house to look like. It’s reassuring to come across so many other people charting out their dreams with Pins as well. The beauty part is we’re sharing those fantasies. I see Pinterest as a kind of “family of man” event, a kind of “pay it forward” thing. In a way we’re presenting our version of previous generations scrapbooks, slideshows, and home movies, right? Now it’s Facebook, and Twitter, only this time everything is illustrated with images we would have missed were not for Pinterest with it’s millions upon millions, upon billions of photographs that infuse our dreams.

What’s next on your to-do list as a storyteller?

Lets Just Say It Wasn’t Pretty" is the title of my new board. It’s also the title of my new book, a collection of impressions on beauty. First of all, what is beauty? What do we want from beauty? Is it only skin deep? How do we form our perceptions of it’s complex hold over our thoughts and feelings? There are no illustrations in "Lets Just Say It Wasn’t Pretty," yet it is filled with anecdotes, mentions, and accolades on a host of amazing people. There are no photographs of their magnificent faces, including such diverse people as Jack Nicholson, Ellen DeGeneres, and Abraham Lincoln. I’m talking about people I’ve loved, people I’ve envied, but most of all, people who’ve come to beauty by way of the back door; people who see it differently; people who’ve made their wrongs a certain kind of right.


A few weeks ago I began pinning their portraits on a “Lets Just Say It Wasn’t Pretty” Board. There you can see Jackie Kennedy next to Katy Perry; Meg Ryan with her hand under her chin next to Judy Garland with her hand under her chin. Justin Beiber above Elvis Presley. Hillary Clinton next to Kate Moss. Gary Grant with Katherine Hepburn. John Wayne below Rihanna. You get the drift. All of them are my heroes and heroines.

For an artist looking to follow in your footsteps, what’s one piece of advice you’d give him/her?

Advice is easy to dish out but hard to take. One thing for sure…following in my footsteps is a bad idea. Why would anyone want to follow in anyone else’s footsteps when they have their own? Maybe that’s my advice, my only advice. Follow your footsteps, your impulses, your wishes, your Pinterest, your wrongs that make you right. Give it a try. And think about this…most people listen to what they want to hear, when they ready to hear it. I know that’s how it worked for me.

Thanks Diane for giving us a personal insight into your dream home, style, and creative vision. For more, make sure you get your hands on Diane’s new book, and if you want to see what she’s is pinning next, check out her Pinterest boards!

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