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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Breathe easy this Valentine’s Day


Valentines Day is a sneaky holiday. I say that because every year, the day creeps up out of nowhere and I realize last minute that I need plan something thoughtful and from the heart. It usually ends with me making a mad dash to the flower shop, scrambling for last minute reservations, and then ultimately getting yelled at by my wife. It happens every year.

But thanks to Pinterest, this year is going to be different. Check out these Pins to help the last minute planners like me relax, plan, and prepare for Valentines Day.

DIY GIFTS: Don’t have time to run to the store for a gift? Take a deep breath. This gift requires only two items and a thoughtful note to your other half.

DON’T JUST SAY IT, DO IT: Even the smallest of gestures can go a long way on this day. Here are quick ways to show your affection:

Follow Erin Lu’s board Love: Ways to Say I Love You on Pinterest.

MASTER PLANS: If you’re SOI (significant other impaired) like me, then these last minute date ideas are the winning secret playbook:

Or if you think ahead, check out this travel board for a romantic getaway:

Follow Morgan Nicole’s board Sensational and Romantic Getaways on Pinterest.

TURN UP THE HEAT: Looking to set the mood afterwards? Find items around the house and light that fire:

Or, for the cuddlers out there -

There’s more where that came from. So if you’re name is Forgetful Frank around Valentines Day, don’t panic. Jump on Pinterest and browse through romantic gift and event ideas to impress your other half.

—Pari Mathur, Content Guru, Currently pinning to Life is Funny

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Share your travel #Pinspiration


Here at Pinterest, we’re all about discovering and experiencing new places. In fact, a lot of us have place boards of our adventures around the world. This has prompted a huge map in our lobby, us launching in different languages like Korean and Indonesian, and a major itch for travel

Now, we want to hear about your travel pinspirations. Tweet us your pinspirations to @Pinterest this Friday, February 7th, between 10-11am PST. Need a little travel spark? Our Pincierge will send you a Pin or a board to help fuel your vision. Just add the hashtag #Pinspiration to your tweet and ask away.

Here are a few conversation topics buzzing around the office that’ll help you with an initial excursion brainstorm:

-travel destination bucket lists

-travel activities

-adventure and thrills


-amazing architectures

-delicious dishes

-wild animals

-exclusive hotels

-visiting colleges and universities

-seeing family and friends

-experiencing a new city

And here are a few boards we found that are at the top of our #pinspiration travel list:

Wonders of the world

Follow Doina Ciobanu’s board 1001 wonders of the world on Pinterest.

Road tripping cross country

Follow Kayleigh Norman’s board 30th birthday: Route 66 road trip on Pinterest.

International nom-noms

Follow Sherry Mulder’s board INTERNATIONAL FOODS on Pinterest.

How to travel on a budget

Follow Penny Smart’s board Budget Friendly Traveling Tips on Pinterest.

We’re eager to seeing you on Twitter and learning about your travel year!

—Pari Mathur, Content Guru, Currently pinning to Life is Funny

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Paul O’Connor: Comic book blogger


According to Paul O’Connor, when a story is told visually with words and pictures, it engages your senses by harnessing the power of your imagination in a way only a few novels and films can match. This experience is what led Paul to dive deep into the world of comic books and become the mastermind behind the successful blog, Longbox Graveyard. But now, with decades of new and old content, characters and stories, how does Paul store, discover, and bring these senses to life? The answer is Pinterest.

Can you give us a background? How did you get introduced to comics and then pursue it as a serious hobby?

As noted in my very first entry on my blog, Longbox Graveyard, the “Golden Age” of everything is “twelve”. I first discovered comics when I was twelve, and the hobby took deep root right from the beginning. I drifted in and out of comics several times in the years that followed, only to return more committed than ever before, founding my blog to chronicle my attempt to pare down my comics “accumulation” into a “collection,” while also coming to terms with how comics have changed in the four decades since I plucked my first funnybook off the rack.


What excites you about comic books?

There’s so much nostalgia now - revisiting comics from my youth, remembering what they were like the first time around, reflecting on who I was then and how much of me is still that little kid from the 1970s. But I’ve also developed a healthy appreciation for the form in its own right. When a story is told visually, with words and pictures playing together in proper measure, a comic can deliver a tale in a way few other forms can match. Comics don’t tell internal stories so well as novels, and they don’t tell external stories as well as film — but they are very good at telling fantastic, visual stories that engage the senses by harnessing the power of your imagination to create sounds, voices, and the passage of time in very personal ways that film cannot match. The best comics provide the immediacy of film with the deep character development of novels — those are the comics that excite me the most.

Was there a moment, or maybe a specific comic, that was the catalyst for the blog?

For the blog, specifically, the catalyst was sitting in a movie theater next to my twelve year old, seeing the first Thor movie, and having him turn to me and say, “Do you have any Thor comics, dad?” And the answer was that I had hundreds of them, but with no easy way of finding them or sharing them with my son, because my collection was scattered all over the garage in a kind of graveyard of comic book long boxes. With that realization, my blog was born, to keep me on track as I brought order to my collection; it has since grown to become a more general comics blog, but still focuses on the comics from the 60s, 70s, and 80s that I most enjoyed as a youth.


We’ve been browsing through your boards, learning about various protagonists, antagonists, and even new characters we’ve never heard about such as your “Malibu characters” boards! How do you use Pinterest?

I started off using Pinterest to warehouse images that I needed for Longbox Graveyard — as a visual pinboard, it’s superior to sorting through lists of file names on a computer. That “Malibu Comics” board results from putting together a retrospective panel on Malibu Comics a couple years ago for San Diego Comic-Con. Likewise, many of my Pinterest boards grew out of articles originally published at Longbox Graveyard, but while a board might be colonized by Steve Ditko Spider-Man images captured for a specific blog, over time the board will grow into its own thing as I pin similar images during my daily trips around the web.

Are there any new characters, comics, or anything unknown in the comic book world you’ve uncovered or discovered via Pinterest?

Collecting images for Pinterest has brought some new-to-me artists to my attention. I’ve come to appreciate both Bruce Timm (who has his own board at my Pinterest page) and Des Taylor — they come to comics from the pinup and animation traditions, which are fields I don’t know very well. I love how their work is at the same time modern and nostalgic, with cheesecake elements that don’t feel exploitative. I’ve also come to a renewed appreciation for comics artist Steve Rude while assembling my boards — I find myself collecting his images more and more — and may not have realized how much I like him if not for Pinterest!

We caught your “Bad guys” boards with a variety of eclectic artwork. How does art play in terms of your comic experience, especially via Pinterest?

I’m more interested in characters and narrative than art for its own sake, which is why many of my Pinterest boards show full comics pages or panel sequences rather than pin-ups or covers. That “Bad Guys” board, in particular, is kind of a catch-all board for images that don’t have a home on a character-specific board just yet (which accounts for the eclectic nature of the art on display). When I notice that board has a dozen or so images of a specific comics bad guy, I’ll split them off into their own board, such as my “Galactus” and “Red Skull” boards.

Follow Longbox Graveyard’s board Bad Guys on Pinterest.

This is probably a very hard question, but is there a comic or character that is at the top of your favorite list, and why?

That is hard to narrow down. There are my sentimental favorites from childhood, like Captain America, and slightly more contemporary comics runs, like Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing, that spring to mind. Every comic that I’ve reviewed gets a letter grade at Longbox Graveyard, but I don’t review everything I read — there are several current comics that I enjoy, but I leave those to other sites. If I had to go to a desert island with the work of only one creator, I could happily read Will Eisner’s The Spirit for the rest of my days, but I don’t expect The Spirt himself would crack my Top Twenty comics heroes. There are books I like for the characters, books I like for style and craft, books I like for nostalgia, and everything in between.

For a comic book novice, where would you advise one to start?

For a true novice there’s still no better point-of-entry than a good comics shop. Unfortunately, a good comics shop can be hard to find. If you walk into a shop and it feels like some dank cave, or a boy’s club, or someone’s bedroom, then don’t waste your time. But if its a vibrant shop with clean fixtures and recent stock, and a friendly staff that listens to you before making recommendations, then you’ve struck gold — they are absolutely worth your business. My only advice (with any shop) is for new readers to visit on weekends, rather than mid-week when the regular customers come in to pick up their new comics, as those are peak hours for comics shops and you may be lost in the shuffle. The other things new readers should keep in mind is that superhero comics, for the most part, aren’t terribly similar to their big-screen counterparts save in the broadest outline, so someone enjoying Christian Bale as Batman may be adrift when they walk into the store and see a dozen different Batman titles on the rack. Again, this is a place where a good shop can steer you in the right direction and keep an open mind as you explore this art form. I’d any new reader a dollar that they’re going to end up liking something they’d never considered when they walked through the shop door.

Thank you Paul for taking us on a behind the scenes look into the comic book world. If you want to see more amazing comics, characters, and stories, visit Paul’s blog and Pinterest boards!

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Friday, January 31, 2014

Pinterest Picks: Weekly Roundup 01/31/14


Hi, I’m Pari (rhymes with cherry, and yes, like the platypus). I work here on the Marketing team at Pinterest. Every Friday, I showcase your favorite Pins and boards right here on the blog. They usually revolve around funny out-of-the box videos, pictures, and basically anything you guys send to me that’s popular or trending amongst the Pinterest community!

This week, we take a trip back to the 90’s, talk football Sunday, ring in the new year (again?), and check out what’s making stomach’s grumble on Pinterest.

Get in my belly:

The most watched sports broadcast of the year is this weekend. So, if you’re planning on turning up the volume in front of the big-screen for the game (like I am) and are also looking for something mouth-watering for your guests, or even to enjoy yourself, check out this vegetarian dish submitted by Sarah McKenna. Thanks for the tip on how to make Creamy Spinach Tomato Tortellini, Sarah! Be sure to share your recipes with us below too.

Football 101 in 160 seconds:

Are you going to a party not knowing anything about football? Don’t break a sweat. Pinner Sophie van den Akker shares this Pin on everything you need to know about this football season in just two and a half minutes.

Early 90’s nostalgia:

A lot of you have been talking about Jimmy Fallon replacing Jay Leno for “The Tonight Show”. Even Jimmy himself is quite nervous. Luckily he had some friends (circa, early 90’s) come into his bedroom to help him get over his butterflies. With that video taking us down memory lane, we caught some major 90’s nostalgia. See how Pinners are remembering the “good ol’ days”. Share your memories with me below!

Year of the horse:

Today is Chinese New year, which celebrates the turn of the Chinese calendar. See how Pinners such as Eva Varga are creating boards to show interesting and fun activities to do to ring in the new year the right way!

Follow Better Chinese’s board Chinese New Year: 马年 Horse on Pinterest.

Have some more Pinterest gems to share? Simply CLICK HERE to submit your own Pins or boards. I’ll take a look and share them every Friday for everyone to turn any end of the week frowns upside down.

I’ll see you back here next Friday.

—Pari Mathur, Content Guru, Currently pinning to Life is Funny

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Friday, January 31, 2014

Updates to our Acceptable Use Policy


From the earliest days of Pinterest, we’ve asked our community to follow our Pinning etiquette: be positive, be yourself and give credit where it’s due. These principles have been the foundation for all our policies, including the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). Today, we’re updating the AUP to make it clearer (and to sound less like a robot!).

Now you’ll find detailed explanations for our content guidelines with example images that illustrate what we allow. You can always check them out if you’re ever unsure if something’s okay to Pin.

To keep Pinterest feeling authentic, we’ve also added guidelines about not getting paid per follow or Pin.

You can read through the new AUP for the whole list of do’s and dont’s.

—Enid Hwang, Community Manager, currently pinning to Portland

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Year, New Ideas for the Classroom


We love hearing from the growing number teachers who use Pinterest to find ideas for lesson plans, classroom activities, and professional development. Last August we launched pinterest.com/teachers, a hub for teachers to connect with one another and discover new ideas, and to get inspiration to create their own boards.

Since then, more than 72,000 people have followed the account, and we’ve made some updates:

— New boards added to pinterest.com/teachers, including creative ideas on Technology in the Classroom, High School English, Journalism, Middle School Social Science, and The Works of Roald Dahl.

— More teachers contributing to the hub, including Matt, a K-5 special education teacher; Jamie, a middle school teacher from North Carolina; and Tracee, a high school English teacher from Illinois. You can read more about Matt’s experiences using Pinterest for classroom inspiration on the Gates Foundation blog.

— A new guide for teachers on Pinterest, with tips and tricks to help teachers of all types and from all areas to get started

Pinspiring Teachers

Here are some great examples of educational Pinners and boards to follow to keep the creative juices flowing all year long:

Sharon, who’s been a Spanish teacher for 30+ years, and has thousands of Pins that celebrate Spanish culture and learning language

Amy, a biology and chemistry teacher of 30 years, collects Pins to get kids excited about science. Her boards include a group board on Science for Secondary Grades, Common Core Science, and Biology and Chemistry Teaching Materials.

David, a social studies teacher in Iowa, creates interactive history plans to help middle school and high school students travel back in time. Check out his World War One and Cold War Simulation boards to take a trip back in time.

— High schools are joining in on the fun too, such as Delavan Darien High School (Delavan, WI), which uses Pinterest to showcase the art of students and members of the community, W. T. White High School (Dallas, TX), which showcases teacher’s favorite lessons across subjects, and Vista del Lago High School (Folsom, CA), which has created boards such as Why does my teen do that? to serve as a resource for parents.

— TED’s education initiative has a collection of videos on it’s TED-Ed page

Grammaropolis is a place where animated parts of speech come to life through books, songs, videos, and games.

Pinterest in the classroom year round

Throughout the year teachers are getting ideas for timely projects and holidays, such as:

President’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day activities

Black History Month projects for elementary school students and high school students, and related boards to find inspiration, such as this Black History board by Bellevue University Library

Spring ideas for the classroom and hands-on activities

Let us know how you’re using Pinterest in the classroom, and share feedback with the Pinterest team here, or in the comments below. We hope these updates and examples help teachers find and save the best ideas for the 2014 school year and beyond.

— Malorie Lucich, communications manager, currently pinning to Reading List

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Need a little #pinspiration?


Hey Pinners!

We usually start our mornings here at the Pinterest headquarters jumping on Pinterest (with a cup of coffee in hand) to see what you, the Pinterest community, are talking and energized about. We’re in awe of the Pins and boards we come across and love sharing these #Pinspirations around the office with each other at lunch, in meetings, or while talking to other Pinployees in the hallways.

Now we want to see what inspires you! Tweet your pinspirations to @Pinterest this Friday, January 31st between 10-11am PST. Need a little spark to think of ideas? Our Pincierge will send you a Pin or a board to help fuel your vision. Just add the hashtag #Pinspiration to your tweet and ask away.

Here’s a quick look into what we’ve been talking about around the office:

How to go green and grow some veggies while living in an urban environment:

Follow Felicia Follum Art+’s board Outdoor Living+ Urban Farming on Pinterest.

Where to take our motorcycles on our next ride (with helmets, of course):

Follow Gray’s board Motorcycles-Adventure Rides on Pinterest.

How to keep being styled and well groomed (this tip is for all the dudes in the building):

Follow nate’s board Men’s Fashion Tips on Pinterest.

How to be a good sport when you’re thinking about quitting mid-way in your next crossfit class:

Follow Nicolas Rodriguez’s board Crossfit/Lifting Humor on Pinterest.

We’re eager to seeing you on Twitter and learning about what inspires you this year!

—Pari Mathur, Content Guru, Currently pinning to Life is Funny

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Halo! Pinterest is headed to Indonesia


Pinterest is now available in Indonesian. An archipelago with over seventeen thousand islands, Indonesia is a diverse country of over 250 million people.

To celebrate, we’ve collected a snapshot of boards and Pins of some of the amazing things you can find in Indonesia.

An incredible cluster of islands with ancient culture to explore

It takes more than 12 hours of flying time to travel across all of Indonesia’s islands. Luckily, you can explore Indonesia’s beautiful volcanoes and rainforests on Pinterest is less time than that!

Follow Bayu Pomalingo’s board Indonesia on Pinterest.

Follow Jetsetter’s board Bali Bound With Jetsetter on Pinterest.

Indonesian Cake and Indomie recipes

Indonesian layer cakes are often made with a mix of spices, including cinnamon, clove, mace and anise. Also popular is indomie, a brand of pre-packaged ramen noodles used in all sorts of recipes.

Dhee Moore’s pin on Pinterest.

Explore Jakarta, one of the world’s largest cities

Get ideas for Javanese Traditional Batik prints

Batik is a dyed cloth that’s used in all sorts of products—clothing, bags, hats, linens, mats and more.

Follow Concha Moreno Gascón’s board batik on Pinterest.

Follow Alexandra Meldrum’s board batik on Pinterest.

Selamat ber-Pinterest! (Happy Pinning!)

- Posted by Dave Kim, Currently pinning to Places to Visit

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Dave & Deb: Award Winning Adventure Couple


16 years ago, newly married couple Dave and Deb had big aspirations to become musicians. Little did they know their paths would drastically change with careers in the Toronto film business working on Hollywood blockbusters. But even with long days on set, they would find themselves daydreaming about exotic lands and escaping the cold. And then it happened. They both signed up for the Tour d’Afrique, the worlds longest cycling race in 2008, which was enough to spark a travel blog, The Planet D, and ignite a flame to leave it all behind to travel full time. See how the two use Pinterest today for inspiration and sharing adventures from around the world!

Let’s go back in time - how did you two meet? Can you give us a quick background, especially what led you two from music to film to your current career as travel experts?

Dave and I met at a very young age in college. It was 1991 and we were watching a band at a local bar. My house mate pointed out that Dave was wearing the same cowboy boots as me and we instantly connected. From that night on we were inseparable. We’ve always been spontaneous and impulsive and after we graduated from college we moved to Vancouver, BC to pursue careers in music. The film business was just starting to boom there, with TV series like X-Files and movies like Jumanji filming in the city, so we thought we’d give the film business a try. It was a great time to break in to the business as it was so busy. We ended up working in the film industry for over a decade and had great success in the business. Dave worked on feature films as a Rigging Gaffer (a key position in the lighting department) and I worked in television as a Make-Up Artist. Being freelance gave us a lot of freedom to travel. We would take months at a time to explore the world between movies and eventually we found that we felt more comfortable on the road than at home. We started to yearn for our next adventure. People started to relate to our travels more than our careers and we started thinking of ourselves as travellers more than movie people. We wanted to add “Adventurer” on to our business cards.

In 2004 we went on an extended trip through South East Asia and decided that we had to figure out a way to make travel a full time part of our lives. We brainstormed ideas and looked in to all kinds of options. We took up scuba diving to become Dive Masters, we thought about opening a bar in Belize, and we even considered leading cycling tours. None of those options panned out. A few years later, it was unbearable. We were still splitting our time between working and traveling, when we saw an ad for the World’s longest cycling race from Cairo to Cape Town. That was it! We decided to pitch a TV show. We’d be an adventure couple going around the world taking on crazy adventures and share our training, frustrations and shenanigans with our audience; and we’d start with this adventure.

Obviously the TV show didn’t pan out. But because we had to start a blog for the cycling race, our blog took off. We already had 8 years of travel under our belt by then, so when our TV show failed, we decided to keep the blog running and write about our travel experiences so far. People seemed to like what we had to say, because soon we developed a following and a year after returning from Africa, we took off again to Asia to pursue our dream of becoming travel bloggers.

Was there a pivotal moment where or when you guys decided to stop, switch gears, and explore the earth full time?

There was definitely a pivotal moment that made us switch gears. It was December 31, 2006. We had already been to about 40 countries and had been spending our winters traveling, while working the rest of the year to save for our travels. We knew that we couldn’t keep this up for the rest of our lives. We didn’t want to wait for retirement to finally be able to live our dreams. That night we were really depressed. We didn’t go out for New Years, but instead stayed home feeling sorry for ourselves. We ended up catching a profile on an ultra marathon runner named Ray Zahab on TV and he inspired us to do something about our situation. We made a New Year’s toast that by this time next year we’d quit our jobs in TV and film once and for all, and begin a new chapter in our lives. We didn’t know how we were going to it yet, but life has a strange way of working out. It was two weeks later that we saw the ad for a cycling race through Africa and we found our purpose. The next year, we were on our way to Africa to begin the race in Cairo and we’ve never looked back.


What is the best thing about traveling together?

The best thing about traveling together is being together. During our time in the movies, we lived very separate lives. We’d work 16 hour days and be too exhausted on weekends to have quality time with each other. I think we gravitated to travel at that time because it was the one time in our lives we could be completely together with no distractions.

We caught your 12,000 Mile Car Rally Adventure Boards with all the amazing place pins from your experience going from England to Mongolia. How do you two use Pinterest?

We have always been avid Pinterest users for inspiration. Our travel blog is very visual, and photographs have always inspired our trips. When we see a picture of a beautiful destination or a unique landmark or monument, we are excited to learn more and add it to our list. Pinterest is the perfect platform for dreaming. We search for destinations that we are interested in traveling to for ideas of what to see and what to photograph. We spend time browsing our feed to find new places that we never even thought of before to add to our list of future travels.


It’s also been really handy when planning road trips. We can use the search function to browse destinations and make a list of where we plan to stop. When we first heard about Pinterest we were very excited because we could now share our favorite photos directly from our blog with our followers on Pinterest. We know that photography is a great way to entice people to want to find out more, so we definitely have been using Pinterest in our business to drive traffic to our website. Our website is very much about inspiration and letting people dream, so Pinterest and ThePlanetD go hand in hand.

The place pins have really made us excited about Pinterest because we feel that we can share itineraries with our followers of epic overland trips that we have done. When we tell people we cycled the continent of Africa they think, wow that’s cool, but it’s difficult to visualize. When we can show them our entire route on a map with photos to go with it, they can really get an idea of what the journey was like. Place pins give you the scope of a destination and sense of place.


Has there been anything unique you’ve discovered or stumbled upon using Pinterest?

We find something new every day. It was Pinterest that inspired us to take a detour to photograph Antelope Canyon in Arizona. When we saw those colorful visuals of red and orange rocks with vivid yellow sunshine bursting through from above, we knew we had to go there. We love seeing colour on Pinterest, when we see rich, vibrant colours pop off the page, it definitely catches our attention.

Thank you Dave and Deb for a behind the scenes look into your travel itineraries and adventures. If you want to check out where they are in the world, what’s next on their agendas, or some great travel tips and advice, visit their blog and Pinterest boards!

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