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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

안녕하세요! Pinterest now speaks Korean


Pinterest is now fully translated into Korean. We hope this helps enthusiastic Pinners from Korea share what they love and allow all of us to discover and connect with their unique interests.

To help, we thought we’d share a few compelling Pins that capture the many layers of Korean culture.

Discovering the Korean alphabet

If you’re interested in typography or linguistics, you might want to check out the Korean alphabet, Hangul. It’s one of the few alphabets that was designed from scratch in 1443 to help scholars educate the masses.

Visiting South Korea’s major cities

Of course, to learn and discover more about the culture, nothing beats a visit. From the mega city of Seoul to the coastal city of Pusan as well as the haunting DMZ and the mountainous peninsula in between, there are lots of place boards to help you plan a trip to South Korea.


Listening to K-Pop

K-Pop bands have become worldwide sensations in recent years. There’s no shortage of Pinners, like All K Pop, who love these bands and have created boards with video Pins of some of their favorite acts. Check out their boards to stay up to date with all the K-Pop news!

Follow allkpop’s board Music on Pinterest.

Watching Korean Drama

In addition to K-Pop, K-Drama has become a worldwide phenomenon. From shows such as Boys Over Flowers, Full House, Winter Sonata, Dream High and more, use Pinterest to connect with Pinners across the world who share the same interest for these shows!

Follow KDrama Portraiture’s board Korean Drama ♡ on Pinterest.

Geeking out over gadgets

If you’re interested in technology, Korean companies like Samsung and LG have been at the forefront of developing the most loved gadgets and most innovative home appliances—who know you could put a Soda Stream directly into a refrigerator?

Making delicious Korean-inspired food

We can’t forget all the delicious Korean food out there, either!


While there are already many Korean Pinners, we’re especially impressed with Professor Kim Chun-ho who uses Pinterest to showcase his Mirinae Movement to get more Koreans to donate to help the needy.

Visit Mirinae Movement’s profile on Pinterest.

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Dave Kim, Marketing Manager, Currently pinning to motherland recipes