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Thursday, April 17, 2014

What’s your Pinterest Story?


If you’ve used Pinterest to turn an idea into reality, make an important change in your life, or create something you didn’t think was possible before, we’d love to hear from you.

Tell us your story! We’ll be collecting submissions over the coming weeks and picking the most inspirational ones to share.

Thanks, and happy Pinning.

—Pari Mathur, Content Guru, Currently pinning to Story Time

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Monday, April 14, 2014

A fresh look for the Help Center


Our Help Center is the place to go for answers to any of your Pinterest questions—and it just got a makeover! We designed the new Help Center so you can quickly find whatever you need to know, whether you’re on the couch with your laptop or out and about on your phone.


So if your roommate’s at the grocery store and you want to send him the Pin for tonight’s dinner, just do a quick search for “send a Pin” and you’ll get your answer right away. Or if you’re introducing Pinterest to your friends and family, now you can show them the handy new Guide to Pinterest and this quick What’s Pinterest video:

You’ll notice everything in the Help Center has been streamlined, from how you get around to the answers themselves. And it all feels a lot more like Pinterest, too.

We’re always looking for ways to make Pinterest easier to use and understand, so poke around and let us know what you think.

—Aaron Franklin, Project Manager, Currently pinning to surreal

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Xin chào! Pinterest now speaks Vietnamese

Xin chào! Pinterest now speaks Vietnamese

The last stop (for now!) on our language world tour is Vietnam. Pinterest is now fully translated into Vietnamese. We’ve collected some our favorite boards and Pins from this Southeast Asian country to celebrate and welcome our new Vietnamese Pinners.

Traveling to Vietnam

Touch down in Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital, to start exploring the country. Marvel at the Pongour Waterfall, walk through rice fields in the Sapa Region and stay for a night at the strangely beautiful Hang Nga Tree House in Dalat.

If a relaxing vacation is what you’re looking for, Vietnam is home to some of the world’s most pristine beaches. Doc Let, Mui Ne, Nha Trang and Con Dao are just some of the picture-perfect beaches you can visit to soak up the sun.

places to visit in Vietnam

Vietnamese eats

While Pho is a staple dish in Vietnam, there are lots of other dishes that you might want to try. You can try recipes for bo kho, a beef stew, or banh xeo, sizzling savory crepes. If you want to stick to Pho, use Pinterest’s recipe search to find the best pho for you. Pair it with fresh Vietnamese rolls for a delicious meal any time of the day.

If you’re a coffee fiend, you’ll also love Vietnam, home of Vietnamese coffee and a place where you can find French drip coffee almost anywhere.

vietnamese iced coffee

Thanks for following us over the last two weeks as we traveled through Southeast East Asia and Europe to announce our new languages. We hope to translate even more languages as we expand Pinterest in the future.

Happy (international) Pinning!

—Annie Ta, Communications, Currently pinning to đồ ăn (Recipes: Asian foods)

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hai! Welcome to Pinterest, Malaysia!


Pinterest is now fully translated into Malay, the language spoken in Malaysia. We’re excited to welcome our new Southeast Asian Pinners and to celebrate, we’re going to share a few of our favorite Malaysian Pins and boards.

Visiting Malaysia

Malaysia is located partly on Asian mainland and partly on the northern tip of the island of Borneo. The mainland side shares a border with Thailand and the island part shares borders with Brunei and Indonesia. To start your Malaysia tour across land and sea visit the capital, Kuala Lumpur, home of the Batu Caves, Petronas Towers and more.

The Langkawi Sky Bridge is also a must see. It’s a pedestrian bridge located at the peak of the Gunung Mat Chinchang mountain that dangles 2,300 feet above sea level!


Couple your trip with a visit to Indonesia, Singapore or Thailand — all of which are just a short boat ride, flight or drive away! Create a place board to plan your trip or make a bucket list for your travels to Malaysia like these Pinners.


Eating Malaysian food

Malaysian food is delicious and spicy, with influences from lots of cultures around the world. Why not try making something of your own this week? You could try congee, a rice porridge, or spicy laksa soup, or even sweet kuih ketayap crepes with coconut filling!

Follow Cook Malaysian Food’s board Malaysian food on Pinterest.

Exploring Malaysia’s diversity

Malaysia is a biodiversity hotspot. In the mountains of Borneo, you can go ape over the Orangutan Sanctuary or get close to pygmy elephants, the smallest elephants in the world. Malaysia is also home to tapirs and orchid praying mantis.


Thank you for following us through Malaysia today—we’ve got one last stop on our world tour!

—Silvia Oviedo-López, Localization Manager, Currently pinning to Homes

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Kumusta! Pinterest now available in Tagalog


We’re excited to announce that we’re now fully translated into Tagalog, the language of the Philippines. To welcome our new Filipino Pinners, we’re put together a collection of some of our favorite boards and Pins.

Visiting the Philippines

The Philippines is made up of 7,107 islands, so you can bet there’s lots to see and do. There’s the capital Manila, the Taal Volcano in TagayTay, the steepest rice terraces in the world in Luzon and Donsol, known for its whale sharks. Whatever you’re into, you can use place boards to plan every part of your trip, like where you’re staying.


Philippine cuisine

Philippine food often combines sweet, sour and salty flavors all at once for a taste explosion. Try kare-kare, a mixed vegetable and meat stew, or lumpia, the Filipino version of egg rolls. My favorite food from back home is adobo, a cooking style used to prep meats and vegetables. I like it best in adobong hito, which is catfish. See what other Filipino dishes you can try for dinner this week.

Follow Chelo Biaño’s board Filipino Recipes on Pinterest.

Martial arts

I teach Eskrima, the traditional martial arts of the Philippines. It’s the official martial art and sport of the country, and every time I practice, I feel more connected to my culture. Eskrima emphasizes fighting with weapons like sticks, knives and other blades. It’s also got different hand-to-hand techniques. There’s lots of movement involved so it can be difficult to perfect.

Follow Everett Katigbak’s board the bladed hand on Pinterest.

Maraming salamat (Thanks!)

—Everett Katigbak, Brand Manager, Currently pinning to pilipino-ako

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

สวัสดี! Pinterest now speaks Thai


The next stop on our Pinterest world tour is the land of smiles, Thailand. Now that Pinterest is available in Thai, we’ve decided share a few boards and Pins to celebrate. We hope you enjoy our collection and look forward to connecting with all of our Thai-speaking Pinners.

Traveling to Thailand

From the bustling city of Bangkok to the resorts of Phuket and the mountains in Chiang Mai, Thailand’s got lots to explore. You could spend a weekend relaxing at resorts such as Anantara or Sri Panawa in Phuket. Or, you could spot a few elephants, or chang, while you’re there. Head over to Chiang Mai and spend time with the peaceful creatures at Thailand’s many elephant centers such as Elephant Nature Park.


Spicy Thai eats

There are all sorts of Thai recipes on Pinterest, so you can recreate favorites right in your own kitchen. What about a Thai dessert, like Khao Tom Mad (sweet sticky rice and banana)? If you’re looking for something more filling and noodle-based, our mouths are watering over this gluten-free, vegetarian pad thai from Epicurious:


Famous faces

Thai celebrities also enjoy collecting Pins. There are some amazing thai celebrities on Pinterest! Model Aimee Morakot uses Pinterest to save inspiration for her style and home while actor Siwat Chotchaicharin keeps it classy with men’s fashion. Meanwhile, actress Amy Klinpratoom is prepping for her upcoming nuptials (congrats, Amy!).

Visit Amy Klinpratoom’s profile on Pinterest.

Enjoy exploring Thailand culture on Pinterest today and now that we’re translated, everyday.

ขอบคุณ! (Thanks!)

—Vaishali Parekh, Marketing, Currently pinning to อรอยมาก

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Salut! Pinterest is available in Romanian

Salut! Pinterest is available in Romanian

We’ve already told you about the three languages we started offering this week: Hindi, Greek and Hungarian. Next up: Romanian!

Pinterest is now translated for our Pinners in Romania, the seventh most populous country in the European Union. Take a look at some of the Pins you’ll find from Romania:

Travel to Romania

There’s lots to see and do in Bucharest, Romania’s capital. Another popular tourist location is Bran Castle, also known as the home of Dracula. Get inspiration for your travels through Romania from existing boards.

Romania place pins board

Romanian cuisine

Creating Romanian food in your own kitchen is simple. Get inspired by our improved recipe search to find delicious dishes like papanași, tochitură and more.

Romanian cuisine, papanași, tochitură and more

Pop culture

There are many notable celebrities who are from Romania. Gheorghe Zamfir, known for his work on the soundtrack of Kill Bill and many other pan flute songs comes from Romania. There’s Inna, Alexandra Stan, and Antonia Iacobescu for pop music, and of course, gymnast Nadia Comăneci, who was the first woman to get a perfect 10 at the Olympics. Create a board and collect interesting information about Romanian luminaries—check out the one Pinner Deedabk already started.

Thank you for following us this week through our travels throughout the world. Stay tuned for more language launches next week!

—Cristina Petrovici, Software Engineer, Currently pinning to Pour l’amour de la France

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Üdvözlünk! Bringing Pinterest to Hungary

Üdvözlünk! Bringing Pinterest to Hungary

You heard about our debut in Hindi and Greek yesterday, and today we’re excited to tell you that Pinterest is now fully translated into Hungarian. We hope this helps Pinners from Hungary collect their favorite things and allow all the rest of us to discover even more unique Pins. To celebrate, we’ve collected a few boards and Pins from Hungary to share with you.

Traveling to Hungary

From castles to scenic lookouts, there’s lots to explore in Hungary. While Hungary may not be a large country, it contains the world’s second largest thermal lake, Lake Heviz. Check out Hungarian Tourism’s official Pinterest account or any of our useful place boards.

Budapest, the capital, also has a lot to offer. It’s home to the country’s largest footbal stadium, named after famous Hungarian footballer Ferenc Puskás(source wiki), who is recognized as one of the top footballers of the 20th century. Check out this Best of Budapest board from Pinner Doorci for more Hungarian travel Pinspiration:

Places to go in Hungary

Hungarian eats

Hungarian cuisine is definitely worth a try. Known for its meat stews, Hungarian food can often be quite spicy because it’ll contain lots of hot paprika . Search for Hungarian recipes on Pinterest to find a dish that entices you, like Goulash.

Hungarian recipes: Goulash

Stay tuned for more language announcements soon. Köszönöm (Thanks!)

—Sadia Latifi, Content Strategist, Currently pinning to Bold

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Γεια! Pinterest now speaks Greek

Γεια! Pinterest now speaks Greek

Γειά σου, Pinners! We’ve been busy translating Pinterest into new languages (26 languages in all), and our next stop is Greece. To celebrate, we’ve collected a few boards with Pins about Greek culture. Whether you’re Greek or planning a trip to Greece, we hope these inspire you.

Make your own greek food

Gyros, baklava, saganaki and more! Check out Effie Parthenios Reyes’s Greek Food, Custom’s and Tradiations board for cook-it-yourself inspiration.

Plan a trip to Greece

You’ll find lots of Greek travel inspiration on Pinterest—from black-sand beach vacations in Santorini to action-packed trips to the home of the original olympics.

You can also check out the Greek National Tourism team’s board for creative travel ideas (like a castle-themed vacation) or Kitsakis Travel and Tourism’s place board for a map of inspiring places around the country.

places to go in Greece

We hope you like Pinterest in Greek! Follow us to our next location!

—Silvia Oviedo-López, Localization Manager, Currently pinning to Bedroom

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

नमस्ते! Pinterest now speaks Hindi

नमस्ते! Pinterest now speaks Hindi

Pinterest is now fully translated into Hindi! To celebrate, we’ve collected a few boards that capture the many facets of Indian culture. We hope this helps Pinners from India and other Hindi speakers around the world not only to share what inspires them but also to explore all of their unique interests in one place.

Visiting India

The best way to discover India is to visit, of course. If you want to visit the seventh largest country in the world (and the second most populous, with 1.2 billion people!), you’ll need a plan. From the beaches of Goa to Agra’s marvelous Taj Mahal, there is much to see and do. Explore place boards to help you plot your Indian adventure.

places to go in India

Cuisine: more than just curry

Samosas, pani puri, chicken tikka masala and naan are just some of the foods that comprise India’s rich cuisine. Use our recipe search filters to recreate the Indian dishes you crave in your own kitchen.

There are many famous chefs throughout India, like Sanjeev Kapoor, a professional chef with an wide collection of recipes right on Pinterest.

Eastern fitness

Do you know how to play cricket? If you plan to visit India, you should learn quickly. The sport is played by almost everyone in the country. On Pinterest, you can find boards full of info on the best players and teams.

Follow India.com’s board Cricket Updates on Pinterest.

India is the birthplace of yoga. There are thousands of Pins for every type of yoga, so search now to discover your perfect pose.

Hindi cinema: Bollywood and beyond

With 1,000 films made each year—that’s double Hollywood’s output—Bollywood is the world’s most prolific film industry. In 2011, Bollywood made $3 billion in revenue, and the figure grows each year.

Yash Raj Films, producer of popular films like Dhoom: 3, shares stills from their film house. Learn more about their work on their Pinterest profile.

Visit Yash Raj Films’s profile on Pinterest.

Along with movies, there tons of Hindi soap operas on channels like Sony TV and Zee TV.

Subcontinent-inspired clothing

Clothing is an important part of Indian culture. Men and women dress in a variety of pieces depending on where they live and if there’s a special occasion taking place. Discover cutting-edge trends on everything from saris to sherwanis from designers like Sabya Sachi Mukherjee and Satya Paul.

Visit Satya Paul’s profile on Pinterest.

धन्यवाद! (Thank you!)

—Vaishali Parekh, Marketing, Currently pinning to Food

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