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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Find ways to stay active this winter


So you’ve probably needed a sweater this winter thanks to a polar vortex sweeping through much of North America and the rest of the world. But even with freezing temperatures raining on your parade, check out these winter activities tips guaranteed to make your winter into a wonderland.

STAY ACTIVE: if you feel sluggish and need to exercise those limbs to get some blood pumping, check out these winter sports that don’t require you to be an athlete - just a little adventurous.

GET CREATIVE: No need to worry about how to pass the time if you’re stuck indoors anymore.

Keep the kids engaged:

Follow Malia {Playdough to Plato}’s board Winter Activities for Kids on Pinterest.

Mix things up:

Follow Brett Arthur Donar’s board libations on Pinterest.

Embrace the cold and make art:

Build snowmen (without snow):

DIY WINTER HACKS: never let Winter take advantage of you anymore.

Theres more fun to be had this winter. So if you’re looking for some more ideas, head over to Pinterest and browse through some more boards, no matter your energy or adventure level.

—Pari Mathur, Content Guru, Currently pinning to Life is Funny

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Breathe easy this Valentine’s Day


Valentines Day is a sneaky holiday. I say that because every year, the day creeps up out of nowhere and I realize last minute that I need plan something thoughtful and from the heart. It usually ends with me making a mad dash to the flower shop, scrambling for last minute reservations, and then ultimately getting yelled at by my wife. It happens every year.

But thanks to Pinterest, this year is going to be different. Check out these Pins to help the last minute planners like me relax, plan, and prepare for Valentines Day.

DIY GIFTS: Don’t have time to run to the store for a gift? Take a deep breath. This gift requires only two items and a thoughtful note to your other half.

DON’T JUST SAY IT, DO IT: Even the smallest of gestures can go a long way on this day. Here are quick ways to show your affection:

Follow Erin Lu’s board Love: Ways to Say I Love You on Pinterest.

MASTER PLANS: If you’re SOI (significant other impaired) like me, then these last minute date ideas are the winning secret playbook:

Or if you think ahead, check out this travel board for a romantic getaway:

Follow Morgan Nicole’s board Sensational and Romantic Getaways on Pinterest.

TURN UP THE HEAT: Looking to set the mood afterwards? Find items around the house and light that fire:

Or, for the cuddlers out there -

There’s more where that came from. So if you’re name is Forgetful Frank around Valentines Day, don’t panic. Jump on Pinterest and browse through romantic gift and event ideas to impress your other half.

—Pari Mathur, Content Guru, Currently pinning to Life is Funny

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Year, New Ideas for the Classroom


We love hearing from the growing number teachers who use Pinterest to find ideas for lesson plans, classroom activities, and professional development. Last August we launched pinterest.com/teachers, a hub for teachers to connect with one another and discover new ideas, and to get inspiration to create their own boards.

Since then, more than 72,000 people have followed the account, and we’ve made some updates:

— New boards added to pinterest.com/teachers, including creative ideas on Technology in the Classroom, High School English, Journalism, Middle School Social Science, and The Works of Roald Dahl.

— More teachers contributing to the hub, including Matt, a K-5 special education teacher; Jamie, a middle school teacher from North Carolina; and Tracee, a high school English teacher from Illinois. You can read more about Matt’s experiences using Pinterest for classroom inspiration on the Gates Foundation blog.

— A new guide for teachers on Pinterest, with tips and tricks to help teachers of all types and from all areas to get started

Pinspiring Teachers

Here are some great examples of educational Pinners and boards to follow to keep the creative juices flowing all year long:

Sharon, who’s been a Spanish teacher for 30+ years, and has thousands of Pins that celebrate Spanish culture and learning language

Amy, a biology and chemistry teacher of 30 years, collects Pins to get kids excited about science. Her boards include a group board on Science for Secondary Grades, Common Core Science, and Biology and Chemistry Teaching Materials.

David, a social studies teacher in Iowa, creates interactive history plans to help middle school and high school students travel back in time. Check out his World War One and Cold War Simulation boards to take a trip back in time.

— High schools are joining in on the fun too, such as Delavan Darien High School (Delavan, WI), which uses Pinterest to showcase the art of students and members of the community, W. T. White High School (Dallas, TX), which showcases teacher’s favorite lessons across subjects, and Vista del Lago High School (Folsom, CA), which has created boards such as Why does my teen do that? to serve as a resource for parents.

— TED’s education initiative has a collection of videos on it’s TED-Ed page

Grammaropolis is a place where animated parts of speech come to life through books, songs, videos, and games.

Pinterest in the classroom year round

Throughout the year teachers are getting ideas for timely projects and holidays, such as:

President’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day activities

Black History Month projects for elementary school students and high school students, and related boards to find inspiration, such as this Black History board by Bellevue University Library

Spring ideas for the classroom and hands-on activities

Let us know how you’re using Pinterest in the classroom, and share feedback with the Pinterest team here, or in the comments below. We hope these updates and examples help teachers find and save the best ideas for the 2014 school year and beyond.

— Malorie Lucich, communications manager, currently pinning to Reading List

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Survive your summer with these outdoor tips!


If you’re like me, then you know summer planning starts now. For my group of friends and I, trying to get permits to climb Half Dome in Yosemite has been the hot topic of discussion this week.

Regardless, there is always a weekend every summer where we end up getting out of our city lives to brave the outdoors. We’ve been doing this for years, but because none of us are professional lumberjacks, there is always that one friend who forgets to pack or bring something important that is crucial to the survival of the group.

So, if you’re a planner like me, Pinterest has become an exclusive hot spot for outdoor tricks and tips, and an answer to all those forgetful friendships.

OUTDOOR COMPASS: for the friend who suggests you all take a 12-mile hike in the absolute wilderness but forgets to pack the one tool that is supposed to tell you how to get back to the campsite:

OUTDOOR READING LAMPS: for the friend who forgets to pack the extra flashlights even though you told him 12 times:

listorama on Pinterest.

SOLAR DISTILLING: For the one friend who left all the water jugs in his garage:


There is more where this came from. So if you’re planning an outdoor adventure this summer, and want to get some easy survival tips and tricks, jump on Pinterest and search for more DIY outdoor and travel hacks that’ll be sure to help you enjoy the fresh air and stars at night!

Pari Mathur, Content Guru, Currently pinning to Life is Funny

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pinterest 101: Fixing image issues with the Pin it button


Okay, so you’ve found an awesome image but you can’t Pin it to your board using the Pin it button. You’ve pounded on your keyboard, clicked refresh, but it’s still not updating and it’s driving you crazy.

Don’t worry. You may not have broken Pinterest after all.

Follow these easy steps and tips to make sure you’re Pinning the correct images.

SIZE – is your image too small? Pinterest requires images to be at least 100x200 pixels. We want people to see and experience your Pin!


IFRAME – is your image embedded or inserted in a webpage? These iframes, which are basically html documents inside of one another (think code within a code), are mostly found on Tumblr and may be the issue you’re experiencing. Pinterest unfortunately doesn’t allow embedded iframe images.

BACKGROUND – Pinterest only allows images on the page, not backgrounds.

FLICKR – if you catch a Pinspiring image on Pinterst on Flickr, double check if the owner of the images has allowed sharing. Often times the owners will make images private and is a reason your image isn’t working on Pinterest.

There you go! Just double-check these four points and you should be smooth sailing with images on Pinterest. Remember, the Pin it button is an easy way to pin fresh content from all over the web. And if you need to re-install, visit our help center and add our Pin it buttons: our Chrome extension and Bookmarklet for all other browsers.

We hope this helps you easily save all the things you love!

Pari Mathur, Content Guru, Currently pinning to Life is Funny

Party dog © Felix Ding.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Confessions of a pinaholic: Discovering Pins


Friends sometimes ask me, “How do you find so many things to pin?” At 9,000+ pins, I’m what you might call a proud pinaholic. I discovered Pinterest about a month before getting engaged, and well, the rest is history. I can actually say that this very pin was my magical a-ha Pinterest moment. A ‘Tip Jar’ of wedding advice we can read for years to come? Yes, please.

Fast-forward two years, and we’re now married and recently bought our first place in May - an original 1940s fixer-upper. With Pinterest as our guide to so many inspiring and useful ideas, remodeling has never been so much fun!

Now for a few of my super-pinning tips:

1) Follow pinners with your taste

It’s okay to be really picky with who you follow and what you pin. It’s worth doing a little digging to find pinners who share your specific tastes and interests. Then, take one more step and check out who they follow, too! Remember, following like-minded pinners will make your home feed better, because you’ll see more stuff you love from people like you.


2) Keep on scrollin’

I’ll tell you a secret. Ok, it’s not a secret, but a lot of people still might not know about the People who pinned this also pinned feature. To me, it’s the best way to find more pins like the ones you’re already loving.

First, click on a close-up of a pin you like: here’s mine. Then, don’t forget to scroll down (keep scrolling!) until you see People who pinned this also pinned. There you’ll find pins like your close-up, plus new pin discoveries that might surprise you. I found this similar tufted headboard, but also this unexpected beautiful outdoors shot, and some desk accessories that would look great in our new place. This made for some fun finds along the way.


3) Take note!

How we pinaholics ever lived without notifications, I’ll never know. I just love getting that ping on my phone or seeing the red box pop up on my web profile. It’s really a rush knowing people like the same things I do, and that with a little notification, comes yet another Pinterest path to click through and discover new pins.


So for all you pinaholics out there, what are your super-pinning tips?

Shana Larson, Executive Assistant, Currently pinning to nosh + things

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Invite your pals on-the-go

Invite your pals to Pinterest on-the-go

If you’re like us, you’ve probably stumbled on that made-just-for-you pin while waiting in line for your morning bus or coffee. But how do you share your bus stop bliss when you find the perfect vintage car pin for your brother who isn’t on Pinterest yet? Or when you discover that board of toaster oven recipes that just screams your college roommate’s name?

Help them get in on all this good stuff by inviting them to Pinterest from wherever you are!

On your iPhone, go to your profile, tap the add friends icon and then tap Invite friends. We’ll pull up all your contacts so you can text or email an invite.

Invite your pals to Pinterest on-the-go

From your Android, first download the latest version of our app—just updated today! Then go to your profile, tap the gear icon, then tap Find Friends and start typing in your friend’s name. We’ll pull up any contacts with that name so you can send a text or email invitation.

Invite your pals to Pinterest on-the-go

Pinterest is even better when you pin in good company. So grab that coffee and invite away!

Kim O’Rourke, Content Strategist & Writer, Currently obsessed with pinning to for the love of coffee

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

10 Back to School Tips For Teachers

10 Back to School Tips For Teachers

New composition notebooks, fresh sneakers and school supplies are in the air! It’s that time of year again, and teachers are heading back to the classroom and kicking off a new year of learning. To get on the right start, we invited fellow pinner and 2nd grade teacher Megan Zachman to offer pointers for back to school pinning.

10 Back to School Tips For Teachers

Megan Zachman, fellow pinner and 2nd grade teacher offers her tips for back to school!

The first day of school has arrived and gone. After countless hours of setting up our classroom, it is now time to look ahead and prepare for the upcoming year! Use Pinterest to get organized, gather resources, and plan lessons. Here are a few tips from one teacher to another on how to use Pinterest to help you get the year off to a great start!

Create a pinboard for your team or department. After you create the board, click “edit board” and invite your team of teachers to pin. Share resources, websites, lessons, and ideas all in one place. Make notes in the description like “Great idea for organizing the piles of books in our pod.” You can reference my 2nd Grade Team board as an example.

Search for education websites and technologies. Create a technology board and pin your favorite sites or YouTube videos. Pinning allows you to leave notes in the description and access the board from any computer—making it more convenient than bookmarking.

Install the Pinterest iPhone or Android app to access ideas on the go. It is a convenient way to access your boards when out shopping for materials.

Tired of spending your money on classroom supplies? Create a classroom wish list board and fill it with donation ideas. Describe the item in the pin description. Print the board and cut apart the pins to leave on a table at parent information night or conference for parents to grab and go.

Give your classroom a makeover. Stick to a color theme and limit the posters on your walls to help to reduce the appearance of clutter. The Teachers on Pinterest Classroom Decor board is a great place to get inspired and start your search.

Go digital to cut down on filing cabinet space. Scan original copies and take pictures of student work examples. Upload your favorites and share them with your colleagues on Pinterest. See this pin to give you a little inspiration .

Get organized. Pinterest has all kinds of creative storage ideas pinned by fellow teachers. You can search keywords like classroom storage.

Document your classroom setup. While it’s still fresh in your mind, take pictures of all the things you do every year as you prepare for a new class. This board will be a great visual to-do list for you to reference next year.

Come across a pin of a lesson or project that you like and want to see others like it? Scroll down below the pin to see other boards the pin is “also pinned to” and the “people who pinned this also pinned” section.

Browse the Teachers on Pinterest boards for new ideas. A community of teachers have designed pinboards to make it easier to find lessons, resources and creative ideas specific to your grade level, department, or area of interest! Follow the boards that suit your interest to better customize your feed.

Megan Zachman, 2nd Grade Classroom Teacher, Currently obsessed with pinning to 2nd Grade

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tell your family story on Pinterest


I’ve always been interested in my family history. Over the years I’ve done lots of research, had long talks with my grandfather, and visited Ellis Island to track down a photo of the ship my great grandfather took from then-Yugoslavia to America.

To keep track of the stories, images, recipes, and other information related to my family history, I recently created a board to track a bit of my father’s family tree, including his grandfather’s pilgrimage to the United States.

If you’re interested in doing something similar, here are some tips to get you started.

Pin locations

If you know the region where your family roots got their start, try searching for it on Pinterest and then pin your favorites. You can start by searching general locations (for me it’s Croatia), and then narrow down to specific regions. Of course you can always pin from other sites that may have great details on where your family is from, using the Pin It button.


And who knows - maybe these pins will come in handy one day if you plan a trip back to the place where your family got their start!

Collect family recipes

Do you have a favorite recipe that your family typically cooks or bakes on holidays?

You can search for specific recipes or ingredients, or for more general terms like Croatian pastries. Pin any that might come in handy at your family’s next special occasion.

If you need help getting started, try searching for recipes from the location where your family hails, or by your cultural heritage, such as German Heritage Recipes, My Filipino Heritage, Turkish Cuisine, and Appalachian Heritage Recipes. If you need more inspiration, check out this great Family Recipe Friday board by GeneaBloggers.


Use pin descriptions to share stories

Use the description space to share what you know about a specific location, tell a bit of a story surrounding a particular photo, or what you may have heard of an old family recipe. If your family members traveled to the United States through Ellis Island, for example, you can search the Ellis Island website for details on their arrival, which you can use to add detail to your pins.

Pin news clippings

Many local libraries and newspapers have archives of their content online. If you’re lucky enough to come across articles that mention family members, save them to the board.

Invite the family to pin with you!

You can invite family members to pin with you on a group board, or, you can mention them in descriptions to start conversations about a specific pin. This can be especially timely if you’re planning a reunion or just want to get others involved.

For more inspiration, check out the Pinterest boards of Ancestry.com, Accessible Archives, and Genea Bloggers, and ideas for family history projects.

I hope these ideas help you and your family members connect to your roots!

Malorie Lucich, Communications Manager, Currently obsessed with pinning to pin now, read later

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

3 Ways To Pin With Friends


Sometimes a pin is just too good to keep to yourself. So whenever you want to pin it forward, here are a few ways to share the love.


Comment and mention someone in a pin

A great way to give someone a little Pssst! is to mention them in a pin. To get a conversation started, type a message for them in the comments box and include the @ symbol with their Pinterest username to say hello or reply back to others.


Send a pin

When you see a pin that you just know someone will love, send it their way! Click Send, then click the bubble to add a message if you like. Lastly, choose the friend you want to send to, or type in their email address if they’re not on Pinterest.


Start a group board

To bring a little communal inspiration to a board—say, family vacation ideas or furniture for the house—invite people to pin to it! Pick the board you want to share, then Edit Board. From there, you’ll be able to invite whoever you want to have pinning power in the Who can pin? box.

We hope you like sharing pins with pals as much as we do!

Jimmy Sopko, Community Operations Manager, Currently obsessed with pinning to Fuel Right!

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