15 man trends on Pinterest

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    We get a lot of questions about what men are up to on Pinterest, so we did some digging and thought we’d share what we found.

    What’s trending with guys? Here are the top 3 Pins from men in the U.S. over the past month:

    1) A sharp idea for taking your look to the next level in men’s fashion:

    2) A home improvement how-to for building an easy platform bed:

    3) A survival backpack to take on your next camping trip in the great outdoors:

    And here are a few more runners-up that made man waves this past month..

    4) The best hiking trails around the world:

    5) How to tie a knot on a boating, camping or fishing trip:

    6) Sperry boots you could wear on a hike or a night out:

    7) How to make a wooden couch sleeve for drinks and snacks:

    8) An easy to read watch that’s still stylish:

    9) A pocket-sized Altoid survival kit:

    10) A wall-mounted shelf that’s also a work of art:

    11) How to rig up any type of tarp shelter:

    12) Industrial shelves you can make yourself:

    13) Ideas for dapper pattern mixing:

    14) How to build a backyard fire pit:

    15) Lace-up Vans to try out for spring:

    —Larkin Brown, Researcher, currently Pinning to Style • men