20 easy DIY costumes for procrastinators

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  • With less than a week left till Halloween, it’s time for maximum creativity with minimal effort. Luckily, DIY costumes are at an all-time high on Pinterest, with twice the number of costume Pins popping up in the last week alone. Here are the top 20 ways to keep it simple and get creative with stuff you already have in your closet.

    1) Use cardboard to get dolled up

    2) Steal someone else’s identity

    3) Become a Minion in minutes

    4) Go from balloons to a bunch of grapes

    5) Make a formal apology

    6) Bare your biceps for Rosie the Riveter

    7) Try Thing 1 or Thing 2

    8) Go ahead and break the bank

    9) Stick it to ‘em

    10) Get back at the Mean Girls

    11) Where’s Waldo? Already in your closet

    12) Try something beary simple

    13) Break out your umbrella

    14) Super (easy) Mario Brothers

    15) By George, you’ve got it!

    16) How to transform a tutu

    17) Wine not?

    18) Easy flower power

    19) Corral a cowgirl from your closet

    20) How to tackle your next catch

    Christine Cassis, Brand Marketing, currently Pinning to Good Reads