Amaia Arrazola: Freelance Illustrator

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  • When you browse through Amaia Arrazola’s boards, you’ll discover a wide range of illustrations and designs. All the way from Barcelona, Amaia inspires us with her eclectic taste and her hopes for sharing art with others.

    Hi Amaia! First, can you tell us a little about yourself?

    I´m a young girl working as an illustrator in Barcelona. I’m from Basque Country, which is located in the north of Spain, where I spent all my childhood and until my university years. For three years, I worked at McCann Erickson, an advertising agency in Madrid, but then I decided to move to Barcelona because I wanted to begin my life as a freelance illustrator.

    Recently I founded a studio with four other people who are illustrators like me, including designers and a music record house owner. The name of the studio is Tocafusta Studio. We work from Barcelona for clients all over the world.

    I love drawing, both silly and serious things, watercoloring, flash coloring, all spontaneous forms of art, doodling, and sketching. I´m interested in typography, silkscreen, and graphic design. I recently discovered street art and I think it will be my next step.

    What are some of your hopes for sharing your art with others?

    When I share my work, I like to find out what kind of impression it makes on people. In the beginning, it was difficult for me to share my art. I was scared about the reactions I might receive, but then, I found it´s necessary. It helps me to improve my creative task, to discover if people like or not like my work, and to have feedback about what I should do.

    On the other hand, as an illustrator I need to broadcast my way of understanding life: how I feel, and my opinion about current events.  I need to let people know if I´m sad because someone is dead, if I´m happy about seeing my friends and so on.

    Also, working in this multi-connected world where social networks bring you closer to everyone, if you want people to remember you, it´s essential to show yourself as a professional illustrator who never stops creating.

    Have you discovered anything on Pinterest that is unique to the culture in Barcelona, Spain?

    The best thing about Pinterest is that you find inspiration from all over the world without leaving your house. That´s great.

    With Pinterest in Spanish, I can easily follow some of the best artists from Barcelona, such as Guim Tió´s art or the work of Laura Ameba, a crafty girl from Barcelona who works with embroidery.

    Keep on adding languages! It´s great!

    Many pinners have a dedicated board for inspiration. How would you describe things that inspire you?

    Generally, everything can inspire me. It doesn´t need to be an image or an illustration. It can be a color, a phrase overheard on the street, a situation in the supermarket, or the composition of a picture. As a matter of fact, when I moved to Barcelona I fulfilled a project drawing a doodle a day for 7 months. Everyday, I drew something that grabbed my attention. It’s called Amaia was here. I wanted to find new inspirations in Barcelona and I did find it! You can check them out here.

    On the other hand, I love all the vintage stuff: old school tattoos, old ladies’ pictures, vintage furniture, and fashion. They often appear in my illustrations. I can´t avoid it because I love them!

    Do you have any favorite Pinners you’d like to recommend?

    Yes of course!

    Alicia Roselló (Founder of Dudua store, Barcelona)

    Misako Mimoko (One of the best crafters in Barcelona)

    Itziar San Vicente (Illustrator and avid pinner from Madrid)

    Maria Diamantes (Illustrator and designer in Barcelona)

    Thanks for the pinterview, Amaia! To check out Amaia’s work, visit her website and her boards on Pinterest. Happy pinning!