An Android Widget for Pinterest on the go!

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    Today we’re announcing an exciting partnership with Telefónica to debut a new Android Widget for phones and tablets.

    This updated Android experience makes it easy to see fresh pins and notifications without opening the app - it brings your pins right to your home screen. Even if you’re not signed in, you can see a mix of the most popular pins.

    The Widget is available today for Telefónica (O2) subscribers in the UK, and we’re rolling it out to more countries over the next several weeks, so it’ll be even easier to use Pinterest on the go!

    The Widget will be installed by default on new Telefónica phones and available as part of the Pinterest Android app in Google Play. As Pinterest reaches more people around the world, we want to bring a great experience that helps people find inspiration for the everyday projects in their lives, wherever they are.

    We’ll keep working to make Pinterest even easier to take with you on the go!

    Michael Yamartino, Product Manager, Currently pinning to Paleo