Announcing Blocking & More Controls

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    Pinterest is all about you and what inspires you. That’s why it’s important that you have control of your Pinterest experience. We’ve always offered basic features to control things like the emails you receive, social networking sites you connect your account with, and the ability to report pins. Today, we’re adding a couple of new features people have requested to give you more control, including the ability to block and report a user and more granular email settings.

    User Blocking and Reporting

    To find the block user feature, go to an individual’s profile and hover over the small flag icon on the right-hand side of their profile information. Then choose to block that individual.


    Blocking prevents both of you from being able to follow each other’s boards as well as like, repin, and comment on each other’s pins. When you block someone, the other person is not automatically notified. However, a blocked person will know they’ve been blocked if he or she tries to follow you or interact with your pins. For more how-to’s and details on Blocking, visit this Support article.

    Available on the same menu on a person’s profile is our new report user feature. In addition to the ability to report a pin, you can now report an entire user’s profile which you believe needs review. When you report a user on Pinterest, we send an alert to our Community team to review the account.


    We’ll be rolling out these features on the web this week, so it’s possible you won’t see the flag icon immediately. The ability to block and report a user will be available on the next mobile update.

    Granular Email Settings

    Email notifications let you know when someone repins something you discovered, writes you a comment, and much more. We’ve added a few more settings to control the types of emails you’d like to receive about your Pinterest account. See our Support article that explains our new granular email preferences and how to change them.


    We care about control because we understand it helps to personalize your experience on Pinterest. We’ll keep working on improvements and tuning, so thanks for taking the time to give us suggestions and we hope you’ll find these new settings useful!

    Dannie Chu, Software Engineer, Currently obsessed with pinning to food.