Announcing New Categories on Pinterest!

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  • If you’re brand new to Pinterest and want to discover more pins apart from people you follow, Pinners would tell you to check out the Categories. Clicking the Categories menu lets you view whole sections of pins about your favorite interests, whether it’s “Food & Drink,” “Architecture,” or “Home Decor.”

    Now we’re very excited to announce new categories on Pinterest, including “Quotes,” “Tattoos,” and “Weddings!”


    All of our old categories have also been improved, so you should see fewer miscategorized pins as you browse. We’ll always be adjusting our technologies to make them more accurate, but we really appreciate the feedback we received to get us to this point.

    Lastly, we tweaked a few category names to better showcase the interests and communities we’ve seen grow on Pinterest. For example, “Pets” is now “Animals,” and “Prints & Posters” has been freshly re-minted as “Illustrations & Posters.”

    These changes will be rolling out to everyone over the next week, so don’t be worried if you don’t notice them immediately.

    We hope you’ll go give the categories a look and have fun repinning or following some new Pinners.

    And if you’ve always wondered how to get more of your pins into the category feeds, please read our best practices to find out.

    Happy exploring and happy pinning!