Confessions of a pinaholic: Discovering Pins

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    Friends sometimes ask me, “How do you find so many things to pin?” At 9,000+ pins, I’m what you might call a proud pinaholic. I discovered Pinterest about a month before getting engaged, and well, the rest is history. I can actually say that this very pin was my magical a-ha Pinterest moment. A ‘Tip Jar’ of wedding advice we can read for years to come? Yes, please.

    Fast-forward two years, and we’re now married and recently bought our first place in May - an original 1940s fixer-upper. With Pinterest as our guide to so many inspiring and useful ideas, remodeling has never been so much fun!

    Now for a few of my super-pinning tips:

    1) Follow pinners with your taste

    It’s okay to be really picky with who you follow and what you pin. It’s worth doing a little digging to find pinners who share your specific tastes and interests. Then, take one more step and check out who they follow, too! Remember, following like-minded pinners will make your home feed better, because you’ll see more stuff you love from people like you.


    2) Keep on scrollin’

    I’ll tell you a secret. Ok, it’s not a secret, but a lot of people still might not know about the People who pinned this also pinned feature. To me, it’s the best way to find more pins like the ones you’re already loving.

    First, click on a close-up of a pin you like: here’s mine. Then, don’t forget to scroll down (keep scrolling!) until you see People who pinned this also pinned. There you’ll find pins like your close-up, plus new pin discoveries that might surprise you. I found this similar tufted headboard, but also this unexpected beautiful outdoors shot, and some desk accessories that would look great in our new place. This made for some fun finds along the way.


    3) Take note!

    How we pinaholics ever lived without notifications, I’ll never know. I just love getting that ping on my phone or seeing the red box pop up on my web profile. It’s really a rush knowing people like the same things I do, and that with a little notification, comes yet another Pinterest path to click through and discover new pins.


    So for all you pinaholics out there, what are your super-pinning tips?

    Shana Larson, Executive Assistant, Currently pinning to nosh + things