Fighting Spam

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  • Keeping Pinterest authentic is vital to helping people discover the things they love. That’s why we’ve built a dedicated spam team that has been hard at work investigating reports and building systems that detect, remove and prevent spam. Over the past few months, our team found a number of suspicious, fake or spammy accounts. Starting today, we’re removing these accounts for good.

    Removing these accounts helps protect the integrity of Pinterest and helps ensure that followers are real people who are interested in what you share. It also means some of these spam followers may be removed from your follower counts. For more than 99% of accounts, it will be a loss of less than 10 followers. However, spammers tend to focus their attacks, and most of the bad accounts are following a relatively small number of legitimate accounts.

    Like all online services, getting rid of spam on Pinterest is an ongoing process. In this case, we’ve used everything we’ve learned from these spam accounts to implement new measures that will help keep bad accounts from being created in the first place.

    Thank you for using our blocking and reporting features. Your reports are an important part of our spam fighting strategy. Please continue to let us know whenever you see something suspicious. We’ll keep fighting spam and we appreciate your help in that effort!

    Marty Weiner, Engineering Manager, Currently obsessed with pinning to 3D Models - Robots.