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    Lots of people use Pinterest to discover and collect great articles. In fact, more than 5 million articles are pinned every day.

    Starting today, we’re rolling out a new look for article pins. Articles will now have more information — including the headline, author, story description and link — right on the pin. So, when you find articles about things you’re passionate about, such as science, travel, parenting or health, they’re easier to save and organize on Pinterest.

    These new pins are similar to the updated recipe, movie and product pins we introduced in May. We’re always looking for ways to make pins more useful so that when you discover and pin something great, it’s easy to act on it, whether that’s cooking a dish, watching a movie, buying a new gadget or reading an article.

    Pin now, read later

    When you come across articles you may not have time to read, or just want to keep for later, you can save them to your own reading list board. For example, you may be reading a lot about healthy living, so you could save the most interesting articles to a healthy reading board.

    The types of reading list boards you create and articles you save is up to you!

    Create your own Pinterest reading room

    Add the Pin It button to your browser to create your own collection of stuff you want to read. Or use the Pin It button you’ll find on many media sites to pin articles on topics like:

    —politics from The New York Times

    —business from Fortune, The Guardian, Le Monde, Telegraph and TIME

    —music and film from Rolling Stone and Word and Film

    —technology from Fast Company, French Web, Mashable and Wired

    —travel from Travel + Leisure and

    —fashion from Esquire, GQ and Vogue Paris

    —parenting from Babble and iVillage

    —real estate from Wall Street Journal

    —literature from Everyday eBook and Biographile

    —fiction and human interest stories from The New Yorker

    —the outdoors from Men’s Journal

    —food from Food + Wine

    —pop culture trends from BuzzFeed, Huffington Post and Us Weekly

    See who’s pinning articles

    For inspiration, check out reading lists from some familiar faces:

    Arianna Huffington’s article board give a glimpse into what she’s currently reading.

    —Head over to Dr. Oz’s reading list board for an expertly curated list of health articles.

    Queen Latifah’s reading list includes articles about philanthropy, business and entertainment.

    —Follow along with Alyssa Milano’s reading list board for a collection of articles about sports, science, technology and art.

    You can also follow writers and publications to see more articles in your feed, such as:

    —CBS travel editor Peter Greenberg’s top 10 travel articles that even the most experienced traveler will find helpful

    —Jed Gray, founder & Editor-in-Chief of, has 100 pins (and growing!) on his Sports Articles board

    —Washington Times reporter Tim Devaney pins his articles as he covers major technology companies

    —The staff of The Huffington Post Parents blog share their top parenting articles from Huffington Post and blogs from around the web, Health editors share their favorite reads here, and tech editors here

    You’ll start seeing the new look for article pins on the web now, and on mobile soon.

    Happy reading, pinners!

    Jon Parise, Software Engineer, Currently pinning to Pin now, read later