Freshening up your home feed with related Pins

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  • One of the things we hear from Pinners (like you!) is that it sometimes takes some work to find fresh Pins you love. To make things a little easier, we’re going to start delivering a selection of recommendations called “related Pins” right to your home feed.

    Related Pins are picked specially for you based on the unique things you’re into, such as other Pins you’ve saved or liked . So if you’ve been collecting recipes for your big holiday feast, we might show you a related Pin for fool-proof pie crust, or the perfect double-stuffed sweet potato. (To learn more about how related Pins work, just visit our Help Center.)

    We’ll be starting slowly with just a few Pins to make sure you like what you see. And since you know what you like way better than we do, we’ll be using your feedback to keep on making improvements.

    Weigh in with a thumbs up or down

    To help control what kinds of Pins you see, click the “i” info icon on any related Pin in your feed.

    If you like the Pin (and we hope you do!), give it a thumbs up and we’ll keep showing you similar stuff. If it isn’t quite your cup of tea, give it a thumbs down and we’ll zap the Pin from your feed and try not to show you any more Pins like that one again.

    And the more thumbs you give, the better your related Pins get!

    Dmitry Chechik, Software Engineer, Currently pinning to Russian Fairy Tale Illustrations