Improvements to the New Look

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    Since we announced our new look, we’ve gotten lots of feedback from our community about things you love, things you miss, and things that could make Pinterest even better. Thanks to you, we’ve made some changes that we want to share with you today.

    Stuff we’ve brought back. Hooray!

    -See it now: After pinning, you can check out related boards or go straight to your pin by clicking “See it now.”


    -Pinned from: Lots of you told us you missed the “via” feature, because it helped you find other people with tastes like yours. Now when you click on a pin, you can see who it was pinned from.


    -Mentions: You can mention your friends in pin descriptions and comments by typing “@” before their name.


    -Find friends: You can see which of your Facebook and Twitter friends are on Pinterest.


    Stuff we’ve improved:

    -More notifications: Recent Activity got an upgrade! It’s now located in the upper right corner. You’ll know when someone follows you or your boards; repins, likes or comments on your pin; or mentions you. You can even see older notifications.


    -Better search: Now we’ll suggest search keywords as you type. If you’re looking for “bacon,” you might see suggestions like “bacon roses” or “bacon desserts” (Yum.)


    -New pins (coming soon): We’ll let you know when new pins have been added to your home feed.

    Stuff we’re still thinking about…

    We know there are other things you’d like to see on Pinterest—like the ability to rearrange your pins, search for your pins, know when you’ve pinned something already, or create a board within a board.

    We take these suggestions to heart, but it’s tricky to make them work for everyone. Some people don’t have a lot of pins, for example, so they don’t need boards within boards. We’re listening, though, and we’ll keep looking for ways to organize your stuff on Pinterest.

    Thanks so much for sticking it out with us as we work together to make Pinterest better. We hope you like these updates, and keep that feedback coming!

    P.S. We’re still rolling out the new look to everyone. If you haven’t gotten it yet, you can click on the “Get it now” button located at the top of your home feed.

    Cory Carpenter, Product Manager, Currently obsessed with pinning to Ideas for bedtime stories