More Attribution and Inline Play!

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  • The most exciting thing about Pinterest is the way people use it to do more in their lives. Whether you’re looking for a cool new kitchen table, preparing a special meal, or planning a vacation; knowing the origin of a pin, where to learn more about it, or how to buy what’s pictured is an important part of making Pinterest useful for you. We also want to try to give credit where credit is due. That’s why we’ve always tried to include attribution and direct links to sources of

    In May, we announced that content from some of the Web’s biggest creative communities—Flickr, YouTube, Behance, and Vimeo—will be clearly, consistently and automatically credited when pinned to Pinterest. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that photos from 500px, handcrafted and vintage items from Etsy, videos from Kickstarter, presentations from SlideShare, and sounds from SoundCloud will all show the same attribution.

    Attribution is gathered automatically from the content source, shows below the pin’s description, and cannot be changed by the Pinterest user. Existing pins from 500px, Etsy, Kickstarter, Slideshare, and SoundCloud will also be automatically attributed, but this will take a little time because millions of you have already been busy pinning from these great sources of content.

    It’s also important to mention that we’ve enabled inline play for Kickstarter, Slideshare, and SoundCloud, so you can curate great collections of projects, presentations, and sounds, and play them right there on your boards.

    We’re continuing to work on adding new sites for our attribution program and additional ways to give credit where it’s due, so stay tuned. In the meantime, Happy Pinning!

    Grace Porter, Community Specialist, Currently obsessed with pinning to Watch.