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    Many of us rang in the New Year committed to eating healthier in 2014. Today, we’re adding new recipe search features to make sticking to that resolution a little easier. When you search for ingredients or a recipe on Pinterest, you’ll be able to filter for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and paleo meal ideas that fit your lifestyle.

    You can search for pantry staples or specific ingredients, like avocados, black beans and bell peppers to discover great dishes like quinoa salad, pork tenderloin with red bell pepper chili rub and black bean quesadillas. Each Pin will show extra information like cook time, ingredients and servings.

    Looking for something sweet, like recipes for a chocolate cannoli, salted chocolate tart or brownie fruit pizza? We’ve also added an Indulge me button for when you’re craving something not so healthy.

    We’re rolling out the new recipe search on the web now, and we’ll bring it to mobile soon.

    How it works

    1. Enter a specific dish or ingredients in the search bar, like “salmon with asparagus.”

    2. On the search results page, click All recipes to switch to the recipes-only search. You can also click on any of the diet filters to narrow in on exactly what you want to make.

    Save favorite recipes for your next meal

    Add your finds to your own recipe boards so you can look them up later. As you search and browse, you’ll find millions of recipes, such as:

    — Vegetarian dishes from Food Network

    — Vegan plates from Epicurious

    — Gluten-free goods from Kalyn’s Kitchen & Leite’s Culinaria

    — Paleo-friendly meals from Simply Recipes

    — Indulgent treats from Nestle

    If you’re a food blogger, learn more about how to make your recipes more discoverable in search with Rich Pins.

    A smarter recipe search is one of the many steps we’re taking to help you find more useful Pins, like creative, healthy and fun recipes.

    Happy eating—and Pinning!

    Jeff Miller, Software Engineer, Currently pinning to Saturday Morning Dishes