Need a killer idea? The Halloween Hacker’s here

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  • We’re going beyond black cats and broomsticks this October with a whole month of sneaky, shortcut ideas to trick out your Halloween. No matter where you fall on the Halloween freak-o-meter—whether you start planning your costume in July, or you’re more of a night before type—we’ve got your hack. One for every day of October, in fact.

    31 Halloween hacks

    Think cardboard costumes, creepy cocktails and more easy ideas, like how to…

    Add bite to the basics

    Tap your pumpkin

    Turn cardboard into superhero cuffs

    Glow your gadgets

    Want to see a card trick (or treat)?  

    What happens when Star Wars meets Snow White? When martini olives turn into eyeballs? Play a round of #HalloweenHacker to see what ideas we’ve frankensteined together. Each time you pick a card, you’ll see a different unexpected combination that’ll help you plan a killer costume or haunt your house.

    Whatever you do, don’t settle for basic boos this year.

     - Mac Huynh, Writer, currently saving ideas to Future blackmail material