New data to help improve Pinterest

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  • We’re constantly challenging ourselves to make Pinterest better. One thing we’ve found is that the more we know about a pin, the more valuable we can make it for you. That’s why we’ve been working with partners to get more data into Pinterest to help us make recommendations, make pins more useful, and even offer notifications when prices drop. Today, we are excited to announce a partnership with Getty Images to learn more about the images you pin.

    Getty Images is one of the industry’s best and broadest collections of imagery created by a community of hundreds of thousands of contributors. Their collection not only includes great images but also data about each image. This can include who took the image, when, where, and what’s in the picture. We think this will be really valuable, especially when pin descriptions and links are as not as helpful as we’d hope.

    For example, you may stumble across a pin of a delicious dish that strikes you as something you might like to make someday. Unfortunately, if the original pinner uploaded the image and skimped on the description or if the link is broken, we probably couldn’t tell you that it’s scallops with brussels sprouts, chorizo and mustard fondue. Also, if you searched for “scallops with brussels sprouts,” we wouldn’t know that this great image by Getty Images contributor Thomas Barwick is a match. With Getty Images’ help, we hope to be able to make this image more useful and suggest another recipe with scallops and brussels sprouts or healthy scallop recipes.

    As part of our agreement, we’ll pay Getty Images a fee for the data they share and will help make sure that their images get proper attribution. We’re just getting started with Getty Images but we’re excited about the possibilities of what their data can help us deliver. Stay tuned for updates!

    Michael Yamartino, Product Manager, Currently pinning to Geekery