A new way to edit Pins on the web

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    Lots of Pinners have told us they’d like a way to move groups of Pins to new or different boards. So starting today, we’re making it happen!

    Say you have a recipe board that’s gotten a little unwieldy, and you want to give your dessert Pins a board of their own. Now you can move them all at once:

    1. Go to any of your boards on the web

    2. Click Move Pins

    3. Select up to 50 Pins to move

    4. Pick a new board for them

    You can also copy Pins so they live on two different boards, or delete Pins if you’re in a serious clean-up mood.

    We’re rolling this out to Pinners all week. We’d love for you to give it a try!

    Albert Pereta Farre, Lead Product Designer, currently Pinning to Inspiration Bits.