New Year, New Ideas for the Classroom

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    We love hearing from the growing number teachers who use Pinterest to find ideas for lesson plans, classroom activities, and professional development. Last August we launched, a hub for teachers to connect with one another and discover new ideas, and to get inspiration to create their own boards.

    Since then, more than 72,000 people have followed the account, and we’ve made some updates:

    – New boards added to, including creative ideas on Technology in the Classroom, High School English, Journalism, Middle School Social Science, and The Works of Roald Dahl.

    – More teachers contributing to the hub, including Matt, a K-5 special education teacher; Jamie, a middle school teacher from North Carolina; and Tracee, a high school English teacher from Illinois. You can read more about Matt’s experiences using Pinterest for classroom inspiration on the Gates Foundation blog.

    – A new guide for teachers on Pinterest, with tips and tricks to help teachers of all types and from all areas to get started

    Pinspiring Teachers

    Here are some great examples of educational Pinners and boards to follow to keep the creative juices flowing all year long:

    Sharon, who’s been a Spanish teacher for 30+ years, and has thousands of Pins that celebrate Spanish culture and learning language

    Amy, a biology and chemistry teacher of 30 years, collects Pins to get kids excited about science. Her boards include a group board on Science for Secondary Grades, Common Core Science, and Biology and Chemistry Teaching Materials.

    David, a social studies teacher in Iowa, creates interactive history plans to help middle school and high school students travel back in time. Check out his World War One and Cold War Simulation boards to take a trip back in time.

    – High schools are joining in on the fun too, such as Delavan Darien High School (Delavan, WI), which uses Pinterest to showcase the art of students and members of the community, W. T. White High School (Dallas, TX), which showcases teacher’s favorite lessons across subjects, and Vista del Lago High School (Folsom, CA), which has created boards such as Why does my teen do that? to serve as a resource for parents.

    – TED’s education initiative has a collection of videos on it’s TED-Ed page

    Grammaropolis is a place where animated parts of speech come to life through books, songs, videos, and games.

    Pinterest in the classroom year round

    Throughout the year teachers are getting ideas for timely projects and holidays, such as:

    President’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day activities

    Black History Month projects for elementary school students and high school students, and related boards to find inspiration, such as this Black History board by Bellevue University Library

    Spring ideas for the classroom and hands-on activities

    Let us know how you’re using Pinterest in the classroom, and share feedback with the Pinterest team here, or in the comments below. We hope these updates and examples help teachers find and save the best ideas for the 2014 school year and beyond.

    – Malorie Lucich, communications manager, currently pinning to Reading List