Our first Make-a-thon: a peek inside Pinterest HQ

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    We recently moved into our new digs in San Francisco and decided it was time to make the place feel more like home. It was time for a Make-a-thon.

    That’s what we call an all-night creativity fest, when we pinployees work on something outside our day jobs—maybe it’s decking out our new space, collaborating on a creative project we’ve been mulling over, or building a feature that’s been on our wish list. It’s the perfect time for an engineer to rope in a designer for input, or for a designer to find an engineer to help build an idea. It’s also a fun excuse to play with spray paint, washi tape, and construction paper with a little help from Pinterest.

    We spent all night dreaming up things that we hope will make pinning even better, so stay tuned for more new features over the next few months. Meanwhile, check out how we spiffed up the place and made it feel more Pinteresty!


    Real-life pinboard: What do Salt ‘n’ Peppa’s Push it Real Good and Pinterest have in common?

    Launch day! Launches are when we announce new features on Pinterest. Here at HQ, we love to have celebratory launch ceremonies where we cue up the throwback ‘90s track while we “pin” a symbolic project to a (non-virtual) board. At the Makeathon, we made our board even bigger and better to show off all the cool stuff we’re building.


    Pinspiration: Check out our Wall of Pinspiration where we give pinployees a pat on the back!


    Poster party: We recently launched Pinterest in France! Every time we launch in a new country, one of our designers creates an extra-special poster to mark the occasion. Since we were most recently in Paris, we decided to show this one off!


    DIY Marquee: One of us always wanted to make a marquee light, and the Make-a-thon was just the time to bring it to light.


    Ombre String Project: Check out this other project that another pinployee decided to put together.


    Wall Art: Thought we’d give the place some character…

    Stay tuned for more unveilings from the Make-a-thon!

    Mithya Srinivasan, PR Associate, Currently obsessed with pinning to pancake palooza