Pin With Friends Using Group Boards

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    If you love to pin, you might want to consider inviting someone to pin with you. Whether you are planning a trip with your family or throwing a dinner party for your friends, group boards provide an easy way to use Pinterest as a collaborative tool.

    Here are simple steps to get started.


    To add contributors to a group board, go to that board and click the Edit button. On the next page, you can type in the names of other people you would like to add as contributors.

    You must follow at least one board belonging to the Pinner you want to invite in order to add him/her as a contributor. Type his/her name into the text field. Potential matches to this name will begin to load; when you see the person you want, click their name, and click Add. When you are finished, click Save Settings.

    When you add a contributor, he/she will receive an email to accept the invitation to pin to the group board. Once the contributor(s) accept your invitation, he/she can pin on the same board with you.

    Group boards are a fun way to organize ideas with others. Here are some things to keep in mind:

    -Depending on your email settings, you might receive an email when a contributor pins to the group board. If you do not want this option, you can turn off the “Group Pins” email setting in your notification preferences.

    -If you would like to remove a group board you created or remove yourself as a collaborator, you can delete or leave the group board.

    -When you follow a group board, you will see all the pins being added to this group board, regardless of the person who is pinning the items. This means you might see pins from people you are not following.

    -As a reminder, please respect other pinners: we recommend sending group board invites to people who have expressed interest in, and avoid sending multiple requests.

    To get your creative juices flowing, here are some examples of how Pinners are using group boards:

    Stephanie and Patrick are collecting decoration ideas and things they are looking to purchase for their new apartment.


    Ash and Sabrina are planning their next trip to New York City, including restaurants they want to try.


    Michelle and her mom are getting inspired for an upcoming wedding in the family. Cakes, dresses, and flowers galore!


    Kate, Leslie, and Amanda are preparing for the Fall season with pumpkin recipes such as cupcakes, pies, and more.


    Happy (group) pinning!

    Annie Katrina Lee, Marketing Community Specialist, Currently obsessed with pinning to must paleo with her colleagues.