Pin It Button For Browsers

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    Did you know you can pin from anywhere on the web, even if you don’t see a Pin It button on the site?

    The Pin It button for browsers is a handy little tool that allows you to pin from websites, even if you’re not on Pinterest.

    Let’s say you discover something you want to pin but there’s no Pin It button on the page. The Pin It button for browsers lets you easily save the things you love, by allowing you to pin from anywhere on the web directly to your Pinterest boards.


    The Pin It button also helps pinners pin the right things, by supplying attributions with default descriptions from sources like Flickr and Etsy, and will warn you if you’re on one of the few pages on the Internet from which pins should not be made.

    It works all browsers, so you can take it with you anywhere!

    To add the Pin It button for your browser, follow the instructions in our help center.

    After installing, go to the page you’d like to pin from and click the new Pin It button in your browser’s toolbar. You’ll be ready to pin to your heart’s content.

    Happy pinning!

    Kent Brewster, Widgeteer, Currently obsessed with pinning to High Five.