Pinterest 101: Fixing image issues with the Pin it button

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    Okay, so you’ve found an awesome image but you can’t Pin it to your board using the Pin it button. You’ve pounded on your keyboard, clicked refresh, but it’s still not updating and it’s driving you crazy.

    Don’t worry. You may not have broken Pinterest after all.

    Follow these easy steps and tips to make sure you’re Pinning the correct images.

    SIZE – is your image too small? Pinterest requires images to be at least 100x200 pixels. We want people to see and experience your Pin!


    IFRAME – is your image embedded or inserted in a webpage? These iframes, which are basically html documents inside of one another (think code within a code), are mostly found on Tumblr and may be the issue you’re experiencing. Pinterest unfortunately doesn’t allow embedded iframe images.

    BACKGROUND – Pinterest only allows images on the page, not backgrounds.

    FLICKR – if you catch a Pinspiring image on Pinterst on Flickr, double check if the owner of the images has allowed sharing. Often times the owners will make images private and is a reason your image isn’t working on Pinterest.

    There you go! Just double-check these four points and you should be smooth sailing with images on Pinterest. Remember, the Pin it button is an easy way to pin fresh content from all over the web. And if you need to re-install, visit our help center and add our Pin it buttons: our Chrome extension and Bookmarklet for all other browsers.

    We hope this helps you easily save all the things you love!

    Pari Mathur, Content Guru, Currently pinning to Life is Funny

    Party dog © Felix Ding.