Pinterest comes to the Nordics

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    For the past month, we’ve worked alongside our community to translate Pinterest in more languages around the world. Thanks to the efforts of Pinners in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, Pinterest is now available in these Nordic languages. The Finnish site was translated in four days, while the others took just a couple weeks.

    The response from local Pinners was amazing, from start to finish. People were eager to figure out the best terminology for Pinterest, and we got help from folks all over, including:

    Søren Jensen, a gardener in Denmark with thousands of Pins on gardening, landscaping, architecture and autos

    Dejan Mauzer, an art director in Sweden, who collects Pins on web design, video games, tattoos and travel

    Jaana Karinkanta, a blogger in Finland, who adds Pins about marketing, design and party planning

    Maria Luice Grayston, a Pinner in Norway with over 100,000 Pins on design, food and fitness

    We’ve seen more and more Pinners from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland—in fact, the number has more than doubled since the end of last year. We’re hoping these translated versions of Pinterest help even more people discover things they’re interested in, around the globe.

    Thank you to the Pinners below who helped shape Pinterest in their languages; they truly made this a community-powered launch. If you’re a Pinner in one of these countries, check out the new translated version (go to your account settings to change the language)!


    Selma, Helene Godbersen, Kamilla P, Annette Nymark - PRIK, Sandra Meilstrup, Emil Devantie Brockdorff, Louise Boisen Schmidt, Maja Ulrikka, Chalotte Søndergaard, Mosters Biks, Karin Vinther, Susanne Holdersen, Lisbeth Pindborg, DORTE RASMUSSEN, adcuro, Maudline, Monika, Sophie Amalie Eslund, Lilian Lund, Jani Andersen, Christian Sørup Jensen, Esther Belmaati, Olivia Stokholm, Anne Thornholm, Agata, ANn, Amalie Ramsby, Julie Broberg, vicantoria, Grethe


    marleesi50, Elina Zamora, Annie Peninsula, Faina Zamora Lopez, Olli, Eveliina Laakso, Sakke Kallio, Riikka Holttinen, Auvo Veteläinen, Stina, Sanna K., Helena Mikkonen, Sirpa Peltola, Maiju Wihlman, Hanna, Arja Niemi, Kaisu Jouppi, inkan, Bea, Nelli, Katriina, Minttu Lilja, Marjaana, Johanna, Titi, Sari, Laura K, Johanna Harju, Cilla, Noora Koski, leevi59, Minttu Tarkka, Katja, Stefie, Taru Vihne, raksu, Piritta, Sofia, Taru, ninni minkkinen, Jale03, saapas, Adalmina, Jokke, Saija, AislennK


    Dalina, Maria Luice, Anne Vaag, Maren, Oda Marie Nordby, Mette/Myfoodpassion, Renate Tonstad Flaten, Maiken, Bentemy, blombule, Vibeke Koehler, Anette Fredsdatter Heidal, Resa Hansen, Maria, Bjørg Egeland, Katharine, mach bra, Eline Sandhaug, MCBrandt, Mette Henriksen, KKvarme, Eira Ingersdatter Reithaug, Lindi, Lena Nessen, Anne Angel, Ragne Gjengedal, Ing-Janeth, tonevaa


    Lovisa Ingels, Susanne- Liselotte Lilly Marie Larsson 82, Sofia Karlström, NygårdsMarlene, Sara Heshy, Strandqvist, Tigris, Nike L, Isatou, Susanne Davidson, Ida Hay, Matilda, Petra, Suzi, Ulrika Eriksson, Dejan Mauzer, Charlotta Lind- Vintersköld, Suzanne Gajda, Tua Lilja, Peppci, Tina, Beatrice, Meeri, Henni Wendelin, Mrs P Nightingale

    Silvia Oviedo-López, Localization Manager, Currently pinning to Homes