Teaching Online with Pinterest

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  • We often hear great stories from teachers who use Pinterest as a tool to organize their classes, share ideas with other educators, and find new lesson plans.

    Lesson Plans

    So when we heard about Skillshare’s Maker/Craft Semester we were really excited to discover that so many of their teachers are Pinners!

    Skillshare is a site that lets anyone create a class in their local area, or even create an online class for people anywhere in the world. This “semester” of Skillshare classes just started this week and some of the classes taught by Pinners cover topics such as jewelry making, a sugar skulls how-to, and lots more. If you’ve been waiting to make some of the projects you’ve been pinning, we hope you’ll check them out.

    Not only are these Pinners sharing their knowledge and talents with other people, but they’re also using Pinterest as part of their classes. The teachers will be using their boards for everything from lesson plans, organizing class inspiration, showing off the results of projects (very useful for online education), class collaboration, and saving ideas for future classes. Because Pinterest is so strong in the Maker/Crafter community there is even a class on Pinning With Purpose: Telling Your Story On Pinterest!

    We’re really amazed because these Pinners are sharing their passions with other people and they’re using Pinterest to make that easier.
    If you’re a teacher you can find lesson plan ideas by searching pins and boards.

    Art Class Inspiration

    You can also look on the web for other great ways teachers are using Pinterest. If you’re a Pinner that always had the desire to teach others things you’ve learned, check out Skillshare.

    Zack, Community Specialist, Currently obsessed with pinning iPhoneography.