Touch Up Your Photos with the Pinterest iPhone App

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  • Touch Up Your Photos with the New Pinterest iPhone App

    Last week, we released a shiny new version of our iPhone app. Thanks to lots of helpful feedback from Pinners, the new app is faster, more reliable, and (in our opinion) more beautiful!

    One feature we’re especially excited about is Touch Up, a new interface for pinning iPhone photos. Touch Up lets you quickly adjust the saturation and exposure of your pictures with 1 finger.

    To adjust the saturation, tap and drag your finger horizontally.


    To adjust the exposure, tap and drag your finger vertically.


    Why did we create Touch Up instead of adding photo filters like Instagram, Hipstamatic and Path?

    On one hand, filters are fun. They add visual interest and a little bit of digital nostalgia to an ordinary picture. On the practical side, filters make it easy to cover up a poorly exposed photo, an all too common problem on the iPhone.

    At the same time, something about filters feels just a teensy bit dishonest to us, as if we’re trying to make our pictures more artistic or nostalgic than they really are. A bigger problem is that filters can obscure the subject of a photo. When browsing filtered photos, it can be hard to get a feel for what that cocktail or shiny pair of shoes really looks like.

    We hope Touch Up is a good compromise between super-stylized photos and providing a bit of digital help to iPhone photographers.

    Touch Up is just one of many changes in the new iPhone app. Try downloading it today and let us know what you think!

    Kim O'Rourke, Community Specialist, Currently obsessed with pinning to Roy G. Biv.