Trend report: What’s popular on Pinterest this month

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  • RIP chevron

    Say goodbye to chevron, wooden monograms and pallet swing beds. This year in home decor trends, we're seeing a rise in more muted color palettes, from gray hardwood floors and black kitchens, to crisp white crochet and macrame accents.

    Kale is out, cauliflower is in

    Cauliflower recipes are trending upwards and as Pinners seek healthier, lower-carb alternatives, this power veggie is appearing in everything from cauliflower fried rice and pizza crusts, to buffalo bites, grilled cheese and cauliflower pudding.

    Pet DIY is going next level

    Crock-pup cuisine (slow cooker dog food recipes) is seeing a 77 percent spike this year as Pinners seek new ways to pamper their pets with easy, healthy and affordable recipes at home.

    Another phenomenon: cat-ios (outdoor cat enclosures), are up 64 percent this year, and give indoor cats a safe way to get a taste of the outdoors.


    —Christine Cassis, Editorial Curation Manager, currently Pinning to HOUSE & HOME