Trend report: What’s popular on Pinterest this month

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  • A new secret weapon for vegans

    Aquafaba, aka chickpea water, is a new star ingredient that’s up 160%. It whips up into a light and foamy egg substitute that’s popping up in top recipes like aquafaba mayo (up 450%), meringue (up 225%), macarons and mousse (both up 190%).

    His and hers summer getaway style

    Top Pins for guys: Huarache sandals are stepping it up (up 66%) , along with colorblocked swim trunks, and gadgets for summer tunes.

    Top Pins for gals: One-piece swimsuits are making a splash (up 139%), along with fringe sandals (up 300%), straw hats (up 30%) and embroidered sundresses (up 21%).

    Top tattoo trends

    When it comes to inking up, this year it’s all about the undercut (up 52%), temporary henna (up 66%), and nautical-themed tattoos for guys (up 77%).

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    —Christine Cassis, Editorial Curation Manager, currently Pinning to 2016 euro trip