Trend report: What’s popular on Pinterest this month

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  • The freshman 15 you actually want

    Dorm dining is like a giant buffet binge fest, but it IS possible to avoid the junk. Our freshman 15 recipes hit all the right spots: healthy, easy and affordable. No sissy salads either—we’re talking burrito bowls, mac and cheese and chocolate chip cookies. The best part? Just microwave and go.

    Cool AF school supplies

    Herschel backpack, check. Emoji stickers, check. Pineapple flash drive, check. Out of the 23 million back-to-school ideas popping up on Pinterest right now, THESE are the ones Pinners are obsessed with. And they’re not just for kids. Any one of them will up the cool quotient in your office cube faster than you can say “Have you seen my stapler?”.

    Kilim is killing it

    RIP chevron, kilim is living it up around the house in Cali-vibe bedrooms, plant-scaped entries and me-time nooks, says our +100% search stat.

    Watch your mouth

    Black and burgundy pouts are making a major statement without saying a word (+40%).

    For even more of the latest trends, follow our Pin Picks.

    —Christine Cassis, Editorial Curation Manager, currently saving ideas to black